5 Reasons why recorded cassettes are still the best gift in the world


Do you remember the music mixes that you and your friends created in cassettes or in CDs either to show the genius of some artists or as a mere gift? Maybe you're too young to remember them, but you Spotify or any of the applications you use, are that, mixes of music, now in digital.

What's the point? Because you can consider making a mix of personalized music to give to that special person or some friendship for several reasons:

1. It has a personal touch

What can be more meaningful than giving that person a mix with the songs that have marked their lives or the moments they have spent together?

2. Share and discover new music

It is impossible to keep track of all the artists, but you can generate the mix with something very select from a genre or an artist so that they can keep up.

3. Creativity first of all

A musical mix can be created based on what you want and not only the theme of the content can be creative, but also the presentation that you give to deliver it.

4. Show your musical knowledge

They are the perfect way for your friends to know that you know about music and they can ask you about it.

5. For nostalgia

Nostalgia is an incredible force in our lives. And for those who lived the time of the mixtures in cassettes, could bring back some good memories.

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