5 Reasons why men who are close to their family are best boyfriends


A man has many ways to revolutionize the thoughts of a woman he likes. They look at us and everything goes round; they can make us laugh until we have the Wonder Woman's abs, but nothing in this world can conquer a woman as much as having a boyfriend who knows that the family is first.

We often overlook this quality, and who has it going to make us feel butterflies in our stomachs for a lifetime. A boyfriend who makes his family a priority is loyal, caring and respectful, among many other qualities. A potential husband.

He understands that it is good to work long hours, but he also takes time to spend with his loved ones, because he values ​​his family above all. Having a boyfriend who is close to your family is important. How you treat your family is an indicator of how they will treat you if they get married. Because once this happens, your family will be you.

1. If your boyfriend knows how to fight and reconcile with his family, he will know how to communicate with you

Surely he has had a lot of drama and fights with his parents, brothers or cousins. Maybe he did something his parents did not like. However, all the confrontations he has had with the people he loves have trained him to be the best possible boyfriend.

Through these discussions with the family, he has learned to put aside the problems that have left him with love. You have learned that your loved ones are the only people who matter in life, and that if you do not have them, you have nothing. So when you argue, he will struggle to maintain your relationship instead of abandoning it.

2. If your boyfriend is loyal to his family, he will be with you

You can be sure that if your boyfriend is there for his family against all odds, you can count on him too. Being close to the women of his family has taught him to respect and value a woman, and being close to his father, his brothers and his uncles has helped him polish himself to be a gentleman.

It will not get lost because you will not see the point of doing it. He knows that none of us are perfect, and he will not expect perfection from you. Instead, you will value the love you have. He will stay by your side because you are the girl who guides him home every night.

3. If your boyfriend treats his mother like a queen, he will treat you like a princess

It may sound strange, but being close to his family has helped him become a romantic man. He knows how to treat a girl because he has treated his grandmother, his mother or sisters well. He has seen how their faces light up with small details since he learned how to color. Those gifts that your mother gives will also have them for you.

4. If your boyfriend relaxes with his family, he will be happy to do it with you

You know that if he can relax with his brothers and sisters, it will be possible for you to have a relaxed night watching movies and eating popcorn, or spending a few days in the country.

He is wiser than most kids and tries to spend time with the people who will be in his life forever. Do not feel the need to go to a bar every weekend to feel satisfied with life, instead, enjoy small moments in family, such as road trips, weekends doing barbecues or organizing meetings on any pretext.

5. If your boyfriend taught his little brother to swim, he will help your baby learn to walk

Your boyfriend is probably used to spending time surrounded by children, and these experiences will help him to shape himself as the best husband and father. Since you have been close to your brothers or little cousins, you will be happy when you have to take your baby for a walk. He knows how to reassure them; He knows how to speak to them to be at his level and he knows that listening to them is important.

Be sure that with your children you will be affectionate and will know how to comfort them. At the end of the day, that is something that a woman without a doubt wants in someone with whom she can build a future together.

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