5 Celebs confessed the most disgusting things their children have done


Being a mom is not the easiest or glamorous job in the world, and although we often think that for celebrities it is very simple (because, we want to accept it or not, money makes life much more comfortable) they also have to deal with things unpleasantness of motherhood. Let's face it: children can be a little disgusting, no matter what family they come from.

Animated by Kristen Bell in The Ellen ShowThese famous mothers revealed to the world what is the most unpleasant thing that their children have done. If you have children you will feel so identified! And if you do not have them, you will be grateful.

1. Kristen Bell

My oldest son once pricked his nose and said: oh, I'm going to put my little one in the trash, and the little one said: THE TRASH? I just put them in the house.

2. Kelly Clarkson

The most unpleasant thing I have known that my son has done is that once he grabbed our dog's poop, he filled his hands by playing with it and then brought it to his mouth.

3. Kim Kardashian West

Once North West rinsed his toothbrush with the toilet water before brushing his teeth.

4. Jennifer Lopez

You know? When a child does that thing with the vomit projectile I remember carrying my children and they vomited me all over my face.

5. Scarlett Johansson

Once my daughter went to the bathroom and suddenly I heard her scream: WHAT? PASS?!. So I ran to the bathroom and had poop all over the floor, the walls, and when I got in some way I stepped on it. While I was in shock My dog ​​came in and ate my daughter's poop.

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