5 Celebrities who claim to be tired of living on the island of single


Singleness is not exclusive to mortals, there are celebrities who despite their beauty, wealth and popularity also have the misfortune of not finding their better half. Some say that their loneliness is due to their temperament; others, to his obsession with work. Whatever their case, they also suffer for love.

Although some celebrities seem not to affect them in the least not having a partner, the truth is that their life feels incomplete and they have said so.

1. Bella Thorne

During an interview Harpers Bazar the actress declared:

I'm single. I could not be more single. This is the longest season I've ever spent single in my life. There are many unwritten rules about dating that I do not like. If I can choose, I prefer to be faithful to one person and give myself completely. I do not like having a bunch of guys sending messages to me if I do not really know what I want from them. It's the worst.

2. Taylor Swift

During an interview the singer opened her heart and expressed her greatest fear:

I do not want to end up being horrible and intolerable, alone, lying in a marble bathtub, sad, with a glass of wine. That is my fear.

3. Rihanna

The Queen of Barbados was also honest in the past.

Individual life is so overrated. I have incredible experiences in my life, you do not want to live your life and then meet someone; You want to share your life with someone, that's what I'm missing right now.

4. The youtuber Lele Pons

Lele used Twitter to express what she so badly needed:

I need a boyfriend. This summer I want to find a surfer boyfriend hot. I just want a boyfriend to talk to.

5. The youtuber Griffin Arnlund

Like Lele, Griffin used Twitter to tell his followers what he has been waiting for so long:

I live indirectly through the relationship of friends. I want to be in a relationship, I do not want to connect with a guy, it's not about that life; I want a nice relationship, that would be great.

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