5 attitudes that independent women have


What exactly does an independent woman do? It can be anything, depending on the way you see it. The image we have of an independent woman is that she is governed by her own rules; Make your own decisions about anything you want. It could also be a somewhat feminist vision: that you want equality of conditions.

However, in her recent speech to the United Nations, actress Emma Watson said: It is time for all of us to perceive gender equity as a set of ideals, not as two opposing groups. In fact, including others in our lives represents a good opportunity to exercise our independence in a productive way.

The independent mentality can then fall into a wide range of definitions, but there are positions with which women can identify.

1. We do not mind spending time alone

We need spaces to put things in order or in perspective, and start again when necessary. Time to reflect on what we want; evaluate where we are going and what we must do to achieve it.

We need moments to understand not only our own needs, but those of our partner, and to feel comfortable with our relationships because in them we invest emotionally and temporarily speaking.

2. We take the commitment seriously

We see relationships as initiatives that require an effort of up to 110 percent, and we ask for the same from the other person. We consider the emotional consequences before starting a relationship, and the chosen one will be someone who is willing to grow and to impel us to be better people. An independent woman tries to choose with intelligence.

3. We value our social life outside the couple's relationship

Apart from the friends we have with our partner, we know that it is necessary and important to maintain our own social circle. This helps us keep our mental and emotional health in balance.

4. We have a profession and goals

This is the characteristic that most defines an independent woman. Work hard to have your own income and live comfortably. Have professional and personal goals aimed at overcoming in all aspects. Finding satisfaction in seeing all that she has achieved for herself, while at the same time valuing what other people can offer her.

5. We value the true gentlemen

In truth, we sincerely applaud you. We melt with the men who open the door and support us as we pass; They give us their coat when we are cold. Those gentlemen who flatter us with a kiss just to tell us how beautiful we are and give us gifts that we sincerely appreciate.

These are the men that we like and have.

Via: Elitedaily

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