48 Signs that you have reached the END of your 20's, you have aged and you love it!


There is no sadder moment than when you realize that the type of person you used to be, no longer fits the purpose you have for your life. Gone are the days when you wanted to lose even the knowledge with your friends. Party nights have been replaced by your couch, a bottle of good wine and a movie on Netflix.

You are maturing and, oddly enough, you love it! There are far fewer headaches because of hangovers, you make fewer wrong decisions and you have more intimate friendships. Of course life is still fun, but it's a very different kind of fun.

How to know if you are officially heading towards becoming an adult? Well, your life can look a bit like this:

1. Your idea of ​​a weekend getaway is a trip to your family's house

2. It excites you when people cancel the plans they had with you

3. You decide not to go out on Friday night to be productive the next day

4. Many times is your argument because you are saving money

5. You realize that one way to improve your economy is to cook each and every one of your meals

6. You're afraid to celebrate birthdays, especially yours

7. You start eating healthier to feel better, not just to look better

8. You would never think of attending an event for people 18 years old

9. You really can not stand anyone under the age of 22

10. You attend weddings more and more often

11. You think that teenagers are the most rude people you've ever met

12. Buy high-heeled shoes has been left behind, now you prefer to be comfortable

13. You prefer to invest your money in things that you will really use, like in a jacket for the cold and not the new iPhone 6

14. You stopped asking your friends for advice and now you ask your parents

15. Hangovers last for days and serve as a reminder not to do it again

16. You're tired of making plans through text messages

17. Why do not people just make phone calls and already? Not much easier?

18. Well, actually you're sick of text messages in general

19. Finally you have decided to say NO to the plans you do not want to make, and you do not feel bad about it

20. Your friends are getting engaged and you feel happy for them

21. You can not sleep after 10 in the morning on weekends

22. And if by some miracle you do it, you get angry with yourself

23. Your refrigerator is decorated with your birthday cards and photos, instead of the magnets of your favorite bars

24. While inside, there are real foods, not just instant food

25. You prefer to go to the gym instead of going out for a few drinks

26. And you have also stopped feeling guilty about it

27. You no longer make excuses not to leave, you just do not, and already

28. You spend more money on clothes to go to work than on clothes to go out

29. The same goes for your exercise clothes

30. You read or see news because you want, not because they force you

31. You have a difficult time when changes in plans make you break your routine

32. You really love your routine!

33. You realize that you prefer to leave your apartment in the morning, before leaving

34. Wash the dirty dishes immediately

35. As soon as the toilet paper is finished, you change the roll and put it in its place

36. Before buying something you ask yourself: Do I really need this?

37. You set a budget and stick with it

38. Or at least you try

39. You've stopped buying coffee at Starbucks or your favorite coffee shop

40. You even accept the one they give you in the office

41. You have stopped trying to keep up with the social life of the people you know

42. Do not believe in fashion

43. You only use Instagram to upload a meal once every 2 months

44. You prefer to eat foods that have some nutritional value

45. You have given up all fast foods

46. ​​You go to bed before 10 o'clock at night during the week, and you love it!

47. You flatly refuse to attend the events that are after 9:30 on weekdays

48. You read publications like this to reinforce that you are not alone in the process of being an adult

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