48 signs that she is not only your BEST friend: it is your TWIN SOUL

The term best friend is used with the same frequency as the word diet: everyone says it, but they rarely know what it means. Once you find the person to whom you can entrust your life and all your secrets, it is when you really know that more than a best friend you have a soul mate. The bond that is created with a lifelong friendship is incomparable.

From time to time there will be tests to overcome; They can fight and have ups and downs, but you know that either of them will take the phone, regardless of their situation. Your best friend is the one who will be with you at the altar and has become part of your family. The bond between you does not end.

So, how do you know if you are lucky enough to have one of these amazing people in your life? You probably find these signs in your relationship:

1. It does not tell you nonsense, it tells you the truth

2. It does not support your bad behavior, it saves you from them

3. Do not get jealous of your successes, celebrate your achievements

4. Do not steal your friends, share them with you

5. Do not judge your bad choice of men, it helps you to see the reality

6. It does not let you give up, it encourages you to reach your goals

7. He does not leave you in the hands of that unfriendly boy, he takes you home with her

8. It does not tell you what you want to hear, it tells you what you have to listen to kindly.

9. It does not judge you by your bad habits to spend money, it helps you to be more responsible

10. Do not laugh at your jokes, make them with you

11. She is not jealous of your new boyfriend, she only misses you

12. It does not tell you to quit your job, try to tell you that you can get a better one

13. It does not abandon you, it becomes more and more present

14. Do not let you run away, it helps you face your problems

15. When the clothes do not look good, it tells you that you look bad

16. Do not try to take advantage of yourself, just like to get upset

17. It does not tell you to stop going to a party; is trying to preserve the cells of your brain and your liver

18. He does not let you give up, he pushes you forward

19. It does not make you choose, it helps you decide

20. It does not force you to change what you are, it helps you change the way you see yourself

21. Does not leave you like your boyfriend

22. Do not judge your lifestyle, it is part of your lifestyle

23. It does not hide information from you, it knows that there are certain things that you do not need to hear

24. Do not fight with you, fight for you

25. It does not tell you to control yourself, she will dance with you

26. You did not greet her during lunch, she was with you

27. It does not leave you alone, it stays by your side to defend you

28. It does not tell you to stop drinking, she takes the last drink with you

29. It does not tell you what to do, it helps you to see things clearly

30. It does not talk about you behind your back, it tells you from the front

31. He does not ask you if he can go to your house, he arrives unannounced

32. It does not make you feel guilty for not going out, she buys beer and takes it home

33. It's not against you, it's with you

34. Do not fight against your changes, grow with you

35. You do not need to knock on the door to enter your house, she has a set of keys

36. Does not approve your choices, is part of them

37. She does not stay behind when you vomit, she holds you while you do it

38. She does not let you go home by taxi, she goes with you

39. It does not send you text messages, it calls you for hours

40. She appears in all your stories

41. Do not apply filters in photos with you on Instagram, put them to the natural

42. It not only asks for your opinion, it really interests you

43. It does not let you cry, it tells you that it's not worth it for you to shed your tears

44. He does not ask for your clothes, he steals it! (That must stop)

45. Not only do you share the result of a few extra drinks, it's also your cause (because sometimes it's necessary, right?)

46. ​​Do not forget, always support you even if you are not present

47. It is not one more, it is the only

48. Do not try to understand yourself, she does

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