45 Things I have to TEACH to my future DAUGHTER


All mothers teach their daughters about life. They are an example for them to follow because of the way they act, but also because of their advice. However, each has its own list of things that they would like their daughters to learn so that they encourage them to be better every day. This is ours:

1. The most beautiful thing you can do is smile

2. Listen to any kind of music you want.

3. Do not let anyone convince you that you have enough power to change you.

4. Have the desire to see the world around you.

5. It's okay if you do not want to play to be a princess or to put on makeup

6. But it's fine if you do it.

7. Make sure your life is really as fun as your social media account says.

8. Never let the place where you are find your excuse to stop doing what you want.

9. You can be the best where you are.

10. Your success is not my success. It's yours and only yours

11. You are bound to see Ramona and Beezus with me every time you go home and find the DVD in the drawer under the TV: okay?

12. Be so passionate that people think you can be a little crazy.

13. Feminists are not scary (just make sure you understand what it means to be).

14. Do not force yourself to be too thin because that way you'll be prettier.

15. Go to a music festival at least once

16. Your sexuality does not define your morality (however, I will always ask you to take care of yourself).

17. Do not let them, to accept you, tell you that your sexual inclination is a phase if you do not think it is.

18. Do not dress as the fashion magazines say: dress the way you want.

19. If your work or your success wears you out, it's not worth it.

20. If a man speaks to you with lies, stay away from him

21. Your value does not come from your appearance or your age. Not even your level of education. It comes from your heart.

22. High school is NOT the best time of your life: remember it at all times while you're there.

23. The university is.

24. Dance like crazy in your room with your headphones on, or walk through life with them: it's great that you love music.

25. Find someone who makes you laugh with strength

26. And hold on to him, if possible forever.

27. Do not be naive.

28. Sometimes being smart is overrated.

29. Always keep your head up. Especially in difficult times, when you need to look at the sky and the stars.

30. Do not feel bad for the times you feel sad: if not, how will you appreciate the times you feel happy?

31. Be honest without apology (except if for some reason you lacked respect to that other person).

32. Wake up early.

33. Do not let anyone intimidate you.

34. Surround yourself with intelligent, wonderful and beautiful people.

35. Never ignore the amazing thing that is in front of you: take a picture

36. Never let an experience go in favor of a dream.

37. The painful truth is always easier than a lie.

38. I always say I love you before saying goodbye to the one you love, every day.

39. Remember that not everyone is going to think like you and that you CAN NOT change the world.

40. Learn to love your way of laughing, and find all the moments you can to do it

41. When you feel it is a good time, enjoy it as much as you can.

42. Find beauty.

43. Find friends who are always with you.

44. Believe in yourself.

45. Do not let fear stop you