44 lies that a girl says to herself when her partner is a complete IDIOTA


Some of us have been, even though we do not want to admit it, in one or several relationships with men who have treated us as if we did not exist for long periods of time.

Answer why do we choose those types of people as partners, with whom we will hardly have healthy relationships? It is not simple

One reason is that it is not so easy and simple to get away from men like that, whose nature is gradually revealing and enveloping us in their network. By then, perhaps we are completely and totally in love and look for the good in him or in those rare moments of kindness and sweetness that he has.

Eventually, we got fed up with that cycle of abuse and ended up leaving it, but before we were convinced that he was not what he was with any of these 44 lies.

1. He makes me happy almost all the time

2. Has trouble managing their emotions

3. No one (not even my friends, not my sister or my mother) knows him as I do

4. He's rude, but he was not educated like me

5. He insults me because he comes from a dysfunctional family

6. It's just that he had a bad day

7. I know what I would ask myself how it was for me today if I was not so angry

8. He is upset because he hates his job

9. But I love it!

10. He will finish college as he promised me. Someday.

11. Tomorrow everything will be better

12. No relationship is perfect

13. I can help you change

Why do women think we can change a guy?

14. But do not speak ill of him

15. He did not want to call me a bitch, he just does not like how my dress looks

16. It was my fault

17. My friends are jealous of him

18. If I do x thing he will realize how much I care

19. It's okay if you do not shake my hand in public, he does not like those shows of affection

20. He's just in a bad mood today

21. No, I was kidding. He has an acid sense of humor.

22. If I put up with a bit more, things will improve

23. I can not be happy all the time, right?

24. He prevents me from being complacent with myself

25. We're just having a rough patch

26. You will fulfill your promise next time

27. It is that he has had bad experiences

28. He always looks for the best for me

29. It's fine for a passenger relationship

30. It is inconsiderate with any girl, except with me

31. He cares about me, just that he does not have enough time to prove it

32. He's upset about something I did

33. He's upset about something I said

34. He did not answer my calls because he has been stressed lately

35. We fight all the time because we are very passionate

36. Although we make a bad partner, we are a challenge for the other

37. Our relationship is not doomed to failure

38. Nice guys are not usually so fun

39. It's normal for your ex-girlfriend to send you messages all the time

40. I'm the nutty

41. She told me she was a little fat, but yesterday we had a perfect date

42. He always treats me well when he's not upset

43. It makes me laugh when it does not make me cry

44. He will always be faithful to me

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