43 SIMPLE day-to-day things that can make you HAPPY

Happiness is probably the most longed for by humans throughout history. When we blow the birthday cake candles, eat the New Year's grapes or when we toss a coin to a fountain, we will have the same thought: I want to be happy.

But be happy how? What kind of happiness do we seek when we pronounce this desire in our mind? Material happiness in the form of economic well-being? Happiness in the form of love? More beauty? More successful work, academic or social? That depends on the person. We all have different ideas about what happiness is and how to get it. However, most of us forget that to be happy, only those little details that have the power to make our lives happy are necessary, even without us realizing it.

1. Breakfast in bed

2. Give you a big hug

3. A caress of the person you want

4. A good morning message

"Thank you for those little things" message on a napkin

5. A kiss in the rain

6. The smell of wet earth after the rain

7. The sound of the waves

8. The smile of a baby

9. A family reunion

10. A disguised look of the person you like

11. See old friends as if the time had not passed

12. Open a gift at Christmas

13. The smell of coffee in the morning

14. Remember your whisper in your ear

15. The end of your favorite novel

16. A sunset on the beach

17. It hurts your face from laughing so much

18. A kiss from your pet

19. Listen to your favorite song

20. Receive a gift without being your birthday

21. Jumping in bed

22. The smell of a new book

23. A love note

24. Fulfilling years surrounded by people who love you

25. Swimming on a hot afternoon

26. Sing in the shower

27. Find old photos of your family

28. Drink hot chocolate on a cold afternoon

29. Making love

30. A romantic evening

31. See a sunrise

32. Unplanned trips that come out perfect

33. Decorate the Christmas tree as when you were little

34. A good kiss

35. Running on the beach

36. Feel the wind in the skin

37. Have a beer with friends when leaving work

38. Contemplate a starry sky

39. See a rainbow

40. That they congratulate you in your work

41. I love you sincerely

42. Sleeping with the noise of the rain

43. Laugh until you cry