40 Tips that will help you to organize your room in the best way


The dream of every woman and why not? of some men is to have a wardrobe in which they can include a different garment for each day of the week, for special occasions, informal and to do sport. But this implies that with the lack of time your closet is a complete disaster.

So that you do not have to spend whole hours adjusting it and find in it and in your drawers what you need, we present some tricks that will allow you to have everything in order.

1. Place circular containers for your accessories, scarves, scarves or belts in your drawer.

2. Sort your clothes in advance according to the day of the week you are going to use it.

3. Place your suitcases at the top of your closet.

4. If you wrap your clothes you will save space and avoid wrinkles.

5. Use a drawer of your bedside table to organize your electronic devices and connections.

6. Tie your handkerchiefs or scarves to a hook.

7. Place tubes on the wall to store your shoes: keep them organized and give a special touch.

8. Take advantage of old drawers to organize your accessories and decorate your room.

9. If your wardrobe lacks space, use some shoes and clothes as part of the decoration of your room.

10. These unusable bars can be very useful: paint them and use them to store your shoes.

11. Install an extendable rod in your closet and you'll get extra space.

12. You can also install a slide bar and thus gain space to hang some more pants.

13. Use the hooks of the bathroom curtain to accommodate your jeans in a better way.

14. Keep the box of your shoes and stick pictures of each pair in front of the box, so you'll quickly know which one you're looking for.

15. Condition a hanger so you can keep your belts organized.

16. Use a string and some clothespins to organize your scarves or handkerchiefs.

17. Decorate your old metal hooks with colored yarn. In addition you will turn them anti-slip.

18. Those sad and unique unpaired socks will now have a special place in your room.

19. You can invest in a decorative clothes hanger or do it yourself.

20. Do you lack space and have too many chairs? Problem solved!

21. Create your own jewelry hanger by adapting bathroom accessories that you no longer use.

22. Clipboards can also work to organize your necklaces and accessories.

23. An old staircase can become your new shoe and accessories organizer.

24. In your lingerie drawer use boxes that allow you to have your intimate clothes in a better way.

25. Your boots will not lose shape if you hang them inside your closet.

26. Hanging organizers can help you organize your bags or shoes inside your closet and thus save space.

27. Indicate with a different color your hooks so you can identify your clothes according to the season.

28. Place in each drawer a symbol that identifies its content, so it will be easier to locate each thing.

29. Ice cube trays are an excellent option to keep your jewelry well organized.

30. The can rings are an incredible alternative to hang several hooks in a single space.

31. Another option to keep your boots upright is the noodles for the pool. Also, they will prevent them from being mistreated.

32. Your bedding will no longer be a problem: keep all the game inside the pillow case.

33. If you keep your shirts inside a drawer, place them vertically so you can distinguish each of them.

34. Wine boxes that you no longer use can serve as shoe organizers.

35. Small boxes can be very helpful when storing your socks in a drawer.

36. With some garment that you do not use and a wooden ring you can make your own basket for dirty clothes.

37. The rings to hang the bathroom curtains can be your perfect ally to keep your shorts well organized.

38. The hooks are not only useful for hanging clothes, you can adapt them to also place your sandals.

39. The shoe boxes inside a drawer will allow you to keep things better organized.

40. Use your quilt bags to store clothes that you will not use this season.