40 Strange things that happen when your BOYFRIEND is also your BEST FRIEND


The best loves are always a little strange, but it is what adds a touch of fun to relationships. When your boyfriend is your best friend, you know that both can share from private jokes where they do not affect each other, until moments when they reveal their most ingrained habits.

The laughter becomes uncontrollable and they feel so much trust between them that the relationship becomes simple and bearable that both enjoy.

If you still do not identify the things that make your boyfriend your best friend, here are 40 reasons that will help you distinguish it.

1. He knows your true self

He is one of the only people who have seen you without using a drop of makeup. You've lost count of how many times you've looked bad in front of him, so many that it just does not matter anymore: you know he accepts you in any way.

2. There are times when you just want to be with him and with nobody else

3. Their families feel so confident with both that they do not hide anything from them

4. You discovered how much you love their laughter, when one day they laughed out loud

5. They have become obsessed with restaurants and meals for different periods of time

6. They even have phrases and sayings that you have created with a particular language

7. They have private jokes that no one else would understand

8. You know it so well, that when you lie or do something suspicious, you immediately detect it

9. Either way, do not worry about doing something suspicious

10. He knows your friends and knows what goes on inside his circle

11. You have become so accustomed to their coarse and even rude habits that you have taken them a little affection

12. They have television programs that they both enjoy. If one sees it before the other, it would be a big problem.

13. They like the same junk food.

14. He knows all about your menstrual period, more than any other man should know

15. They have created traditions like hiding sweets when they go to the movies to watch their favorite movie

16. Both are independent. You do not need to be talking 24/7, because you know he's your best friend and not your bodyguard

17. They enjoy snuggling when they take a nap

18. As time goes by, your photos are getting ridiculous and silly

19. They have had many more uncomfortable moments in public than they would like to admit

20. They have been drunk together

21. You are convinced that they are the perfect dance couple

22. They are so competitive between the two that when they play, they can kill the other just to win

23. Although their fights always end how a game

24. They have done a lot of ridiculous things together

25. He does not take you seriously when you go crazy for things he knows you do not really care about

26. They may be surrounded by people, but they will connect their gaze at the moment when the other says something stupid

27. They love each other's pets as if they were their own, if they have a pet that belongs to both of them it's like it's their little son

28. They have had wrestling matches that could go through an episode of WWE

29. They feel so comfortable that there is no shame among you

30. You know when something is interesting for both of you, that's why you send articles or videos

31. They both know each other's music so well even if you hate theirs

32. Both dislike certain presumptuous and pretentious people. They decide to move away from them as if they were pests

33. Both would make a check list of new experiences and hobbies what would you like to have

34. There are videos that incriminate them in shameful dances and songs

35. Gifts that are made can be special or totally ridiculous

36. They know when it's a good time to have a drink, and give big kisses

37. They can connect with each other with one look and laugh so much until their stomach hurts

38. They love to go for a drive together

39. They know that deep down, all those nonsense that both of them have turns their love into a strange and funny one

40. True love is one that is built with both passion and true friendship, and you have found all these qualities in it