4 Simple exercises to lose weight just in time to receive the new year


Losing weight can become a nightmare if you do not know the ideal exercises. Many women fail to see results because, unknowingly, they are doing routines that are for toning and not for burning fat.

If you are looking for your ideal body to show off in the inns of family or work, follow these simple exercise routines. But before starting you should be very aware that nothing is achieved overnight, you need patience, discipline and improve your diet. Remember that the hardest part is always to start, but once you are on the right path it will be a piece of cake.

Golden rules that you must follow

-Beverages only natural water throughout the month.

-Do not use oil to cook (roast the meat and cook the steamed vegetables).

-If you go to a party do not combine alcohol with soda, better with mineral water. Beer is forbidden!

Now yes, get to work!

Choose one exercise per day for five days and rest the other two. Every day you should exercise at least an hour and a half, start small and increase the intensity gradually. The exercises that we will recommend are cardiovascular, so they will help you burn fat and tone at the same time. It is important that you focus only on these routines and do not add other exercises. Remember that before each workout you should ALWAYS warm up so as not to hurt yourself.

1. Go for a run

If you like outdoor exercise, breathe fresh air and the area where you live is safe, go jogging to the nearest park or on your block is a good choice. According to experts, the correct way to do it is to keep the legs slightly bent and fall with the tips of the feet without the heels touching the ground.

2. Kick boxing

It is one of the best exercises to burn fat but, more than that, it is a great way to learn a little self defense. What a great combo!

3. Jump rope

If the money is not enough to pay for classes or enroll in a gym, you can jump the rope at home. It is a really effective and economical option to lose weight. There are no pretexts!

4. Use a yoga ball

If you can buy a yoga ball or you already have one, make these types of plates. You will work your arms, abdomen and legs. You can also do it without the ball, just keep your arms fully extended.

Start your exercise routine today and if halfway you want to give up, do not do it! We promise that it gets easier over time, besides, you will not want to stop once you see the incredible results. You will see and you will feel better.

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