4 Scientific reasons why we love to squeeze babies or puppies


You feel freaky for thinking that you are the only one who dies to crush, squeeze or eat a baby or a puppy? You are not the only one! We have all felt that desperate need to eat the little ones. And not only that, now we know the reason for our anxiety.

According to studies at Yale University, this impulse to take and squeeze tender animals is due to the fact that they have a disformía when expressing positive feelings, and this is called: Linda aggression.

Now, to identify us:

1. You are with your baby when he suddenly smiles at you, and the only thing that causes you is to squeeze him

2. I want to bite! Well, just the cheek

3. Is there a baby?

4. Impossible not to squeeze it and eat it with kisses

Basically, you are a person who handles your emotions backwards.

Why Do You Want to Squeeze Cute Things? (January 2021)