4 reasons why you should not have contact with your ex after finishing


Coping with a love break is very complicated and while you are in the denial stage, sometimes you try to get your ex's attention for different reasons: because you still cling to the hope that he will return to your side and you think everything has a solution, because you're afraid to see someone else or simply because you think you're still in love.

Whatever the reason, if a relationship ended it is almost impossible to get it working again, so do not delay your healing process: The best thing is to get away from your ex and cut off any communication you have with him. If you're still not sure it's the best, these are four reasons why you should not keep in touch with him.

1. You can not heal

Ending a relationship is difficult and very painful, however, the pain is not forever. The first days you will feel sad, anxious, angry, disappointed; you will feel a pain in your chest that does not calm down with anything and you will even think that you will never be able to overcome it, and that it is similar to being in a dead end. These feelings are normal and are part of the recovery process. With the passage of time, and if you put on your part, acceptance will come and you will see how the pain diminishes. You will understand that things happen through something and you will learn to thank everything you lived with him.

Keeping in touch with your ex delays the process towards overcoming. Maybe, when you hear from them, your emotions calm down and you feel stable, but be clear about something: it's over. Face your feelings and accept that it is no longer there for you is the first step towards overcoming. Do not give up, go ahead and when you least expect it, it will not even appear in your thoughts.

2. You spend energy

Maybe you are not quotient of this but, having contact with your ex, your internal energies wear out. You are wasting your energy in a relationship that no longer worked. Every time you know about him, that you idealize the moment they return or any topic related to his person, your positive energy is exhausted. The next time you want to get in touch with him, think again. That energy can be invested in something that is really worthwhile to you.

4. You get excited about something that will no longer be

It's like living in a fantasy. Your relationship is over; It did not work and it never will. Keeping in touch with your ex means that you have not understood that there is no turning back, and you think there is a possibility that at some point in life, they will be together again. When you know about him, you feel happy, but when reality falls on you and you realize they are no longer together, disappointment overwhelms you like a giant wave.

4. You revise the errors

Finishing a relationship should be seen as an opportunity to grow, learn from your mistakes, know what you want and expect from your partner, and what you would never allow again. However, when you cling to keep in touch with your ex, you are wasting the opportunity for growth. You live again the anguish of not knowing what will happen and you repeat the patterns that made you end the relationship. It's like a vicious circle from which you can not escape. Once you decide to let go completely and continue your life away from him, you get complete freedom; you begin to live fully, without wounds or regrets of the past.

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