4 reasons to donate your hair to people with cancer and how to do it


2016 is about to end and the beginning of a new year is the perfect reason for you to decide to make drastic changes in your life, from abandoning bad habits, to completely changing your personal image.

If you are thinking of starting on the right foot in 2016 and change look, cutting your hair may be the best option. Currently there are several initiatives that promote the donation of hair to people with cancer, so besides looking amazing, you could help other people. Dare!

Reasons to donate hair

1. Your hair grows, theirs does not

The treatments to fight the cancer are extremely aggressive, for that reason, many of the patients lose the hair. When you donate your hair, it is used to make wigs that will be delivered free of charge to people who are in the process and who do not have enough resources to buy a quality wig.

2. You will look amazing with your new look

Today is to wear short hair. If you have long hair, maybe it's time to try a cut bob or why not, even a style pixie. Remember the phrase that says: when a woman cuts her hair it is because she is about to change her life. Do not be afraid to try.

3. Your hair will grow healthier

Many times cutting only the tips to have healthy hair is not enough, because the damage is more advanced. When you cut your hair in a radical way, you will eliminate everything that is mistreated; It will look healthier, brighter and grow much more resistant.

4. You will feel satisfied

Not only will you feel good about changing your look, but also because you will help a person who is facing a very complicated situation.

What do you need to donate your hair?

Donating your hair is very simple, but you need to know the requirements to be useful. First you must know that it does not matter if your hair has been painted before, so you can donate it. When cutting it, it must be clean and dry; It must also have a minimum length of 20 centimeters. Ideally, when cutting, be tied in a braid, so it is easier to transport and keep it in good condition.

What Happens When You Donate Your Hair? (March 2021)