36 Inventions that ALL women need to have at home


Being a housewife is not a simple job. Women have multiple responsibilities that are rarely recognized. To make their life easier, they should have great inventions that lighten the burden of their various tasks, helping them to save time and enjoy their family. Do not you think these inventions are really fabulous?

1. Milk and chocolate mixing cup

2. Towel warmer, ideal for the cold season

3. Drainer bag

4. Juicer with bottle funnel

5. Sandwich Maker, for a double breakfast

6. Skillet with separations that keeps everything in its space

7. Creative chopping board and spoon holder

8. Extractor of seeds

9. Dish with space for waste

10. Protect your nails and fingers from any accident

11. Mass dispenser

12. Herb Separator

13. Tapas to keep your food fresh

14. Atomizer for lemons

15. Hanger for bags

16. Fork that is rolled up with the push of a button

17. Strawberry cutter

18. Cactus-shaped bath cleaner

19. Chopping board with containers

20. Bag-squeezer of lemons

21. Cookie baking glove

22. Say goodbye to the annoying lint on your broom

23. Clamp to take salads

24. That the weight is not annoying with this soda holder

25. Base to hold bags and that the content does not spill

26. Butter box dispenser

27. Corn sheller

28. Vegetable seed remover

29. Scissors that cut vegetables

30. Swing for juice

31. Chair hooks: you can give it a double use

32. Mold to create mini cakes

33. Penguin with timer that takes out your tea bag when ready

34. Handle cutter that removes bone easily

35. Toaster with base for making eggs

36. Cake cutter

And to wash something quickly, here's the invention of the century: