35 Television programs that if you are a noventera girl will give you right in childhood


During the 90s, television became one of the best entertainment we could have. Our childhood was marked by countless entertaining, fun and often even educational television programs. Undoubtedly all the girls spent the evenings or weekends in the morning watching those shows.

How to forget Sabrina the teenage witch or the fearsome tales of Are you afraid of the Dark?. And as they say they remember is to live again, here are some programs that you enjoyed in the 90s. Without a doubt, television left an enormous imprint on our memory. We will never forget them!

1. Sabrina the teenage witch

2. The Prince of rap

3. Friends

4. Saved by the Bell

5. Alf

6. Guardians of the bay

7. The babysitter

8. Beverly Hills 90210

9. The goose game

10. The Power Rangers

11. Rugrats, Adventures in diapers

12. The ninja turtles

13. Dinosaurs

14. sailor Moon

15. Are you afraid of the Dark

16. Improving the house

17. Kablam

18. Doug

19. Shaking chills

20. Knights of the Zodiac

21. Legends of the hidden temple

22. The Tales of the Crypt

23. The Simpson

24. Full House

25. The world of Beackman

26. Clarissa explains everything

27. Would give

28. Animaniacs

29. Fenomenoid

30. The wonderful years

31. The secret X files

33. Playtime

34. Dragon Ball

34. The guy from 8

35. The magic bus

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