35 Secrets that Disney has hidden in his films and you probably never noticed them


Disney films have marked an important part of our childhood: Who has not enjoyed special moments with their characters?

Well, behind many of these tapes there are sensational stories and some secrets that most people do not know, from small details difficult to observe at first glance to anecdotes related to actors, production or even Walt Disney.

Take a look at some of them and be amazed.

1. During the production of Snow White Y BambiDisney kept a collection of live animals so that the animation studio could take them as a reference.

2. Sulley, from Monsters Inc., has more than 2.3 million individual hairs, drawn and created separately.

3. Many characters are orphans. This is explained by the death of Walt's mother, in 1938.

After the success of Snow White, Walter Elias Disney bought a house for his parents. A defect in the heating system caused the death of Flora Disney due to carbon monoxide poisoning.

4. Sid, Andy's terrible neighbor in Toy Story, has a momentary appearance in the third part, working as a garbage man.

5. The vultures of The book of the jungle They are inspired by The Beatles.

6. This photogram of Frozen It took 132 hours (5 days) for its creation.

elsa from the Frozen movie singing "I am free"

7.- The designers of the Beast created the character with a combination of seven different animals: the mane of a lion, head and beard of buffalo, eyebrows of gorilla, eyes of human, tusks of boar and body of bear.

8. The lion that kills Hercules and then carries it as a trophy is Scar, the villain of The Lion King.

9. The girl who lent her voice to Boo at Monsters Inc. had the production follow her throughout the studio while playing and so get her dialogues

10. The characters of Ariel and Aladdin were based on the physicist of Alyssa Milano and Tom Cruise, respectively

Disney character "the little mermaid" compared to a Hollywood actress

11. The official voices of Mickey and Minnie Mouse belonged to a couple: Wayne Allwine and Russi Taylor.

12. The sorcerer Yen Sid, from the movie The Sorcerer's Apprentice called, it's Disney upside down.

13. Nathan Lane and Ernie Sabella (the voices in English of Timón and Pumba), were the only actors in the film who recorded their dialogues together because they played their characters very well.

14. There is a code that appears in almost all the Pixar and Disney films: the A113, which corresponds to the classroom number of the California Institute of Arts, where many animators from both studios were trained.

trio of men designated a door with the number "A 113"

15. In the movie 101 Dalmatians, Pongo has 72 spots and Perdita has 68.

16. The first versions that were made for the design of the character of the Beast appear in the sculptures that can be seen in the castle of the film.

Scene of the movie "the beauty and the beast" where you see beautiful running down the stairs

17. Disney was sued by a biologist for defacing the hyenas in The Lion King.

18. The actor James Woods, who played the voice of Hades in HerculesHe said about his role: Making the voice for an animated Disney movie makes you feel like you're a kid again.

19. Sometimes, to save time and money, Disney films repeat previous animations.

(One of the best examples is Robin Hoodwhose budget did not reach one and a half million dollars)

20. In the scene when Jessie (Joan Cusack) sees Woody (Tom Hanks) for the first time, she exclaims: Sweet mother of Abraham Lincoln!

(Abraham Lincoln's mother was Nancy Hanks, an ancestor of Tom Hanks)

21. In this movie scene Brave, on one of the trunks, is carved the image of Sulley Monsters Inc.

22. The Pizza Planet truck, from Toy Story, appears in movies as WALL-E, Cars, Bugs, Ratatouille, Monsters Inc., Up Y Finding Nemo.

23. In the movie The Lion King In reality tiger roars were used, since those of lion are not loud enough.

24. In Aladdin, the street vendor was originally created to be the Genie of the movie.

(Reason why Robin Williams adapted his voice to both characters)

25. The Wall-E character is named after Walter Elias Disney.

26. The toolbox on the fence where Woody is caught by the villain, is the same that Tim Allen uses in his television program Home Improvement.

27. In 1939, the movie Snow White and the Seven Dwarves he won an honorific scar: the big statuette represents the princess and seven small ones represent the dwarfs.

28. Timón and Pumbaa, in the original idea for the film The Lion King, they sang the song of Elton John: Can You Feel the Love Tonight?.

29. The Bernard Mouse of The rescuers suffers from fear of number 13 or triskaidekafobia.

30. The set of tea cups Beauty and the Beast has a brief appearance in Tarzan.

31. In the music video Zero to Hero of Hercules You can see Marilyn Monroe formed by the stars.

32. Sean Connery was the ideal candidate to play Mufasa, but he was eventually played by James Earl Jones, the original voice of Darth Vader.

33. The posters of The book of the jungle Y Toy Story 2 appear on the baseball field in the movie The family of the future.

34. In Lilo & Stitch you can see a Chinese restaurant with the name of Mulan.

35. In The Hunchback of Notre Dame Pumbaa appears as a gargoyle.

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