35 Men showing that Beard + Hair Tail = Sexy <3


Trends are changing in architecture, design and even in food, but fashion is perhaps the one that leads. Remember that at some point men should wear their hair trimmed and well combed as a synonym of formality, while now a long hair can also look good and is widely accepted.

Have you ever imagined a man with a chongo, a ponytail, an onion, bun or whatever you prefer to call him, that can also look sexy and say about him: how handsome?

1. A coffee like that in the morning

2. He thought so

3. Your hair is the last thing you'll see

4. Good combination

5. Is there anything better than an animal lover?

6. Beautiful eyes: what more can you ask for?

7. Maybe a man who likes to sunbathe

8. Or one with a very good profile.

9. The celebrities are not left behind either.

10. Samurai style

11. One like that, please

12. Or so.

13. Tousled but very, very sexy

14. Really, the dog is not its attraction

15. Not your cat

16. The leather looks so good

17. And he likes music!

18. Casual and elegant

19. How many want one like this?

20. Elegant and trendy

21. Casual and modern

22. With an intellectual air

23. Or innocent

24. Look so carefree

25. He does not care about anything either

26. Excessively handsome

27. An attractive blonde

28. Nature lover

29. Magazine model

30. A skater in fashion

31. With look Tender

32. Captivating look

33. He is mysterious

34. Who wants a bike ride?

35. Definitely a man with a beard and collected hair is today!

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