35 Kitchen utensils for food lovers


It is said that if you can not stand the heat, do not get into the kitchen, but many of these surprising utensils, among which animals reign, will make you want to put salt and pepper.

They are so creative that you will want to use them (you do not need to be an expert in the culinary arts) just to enjoy their fantasy. At the same time, they are so original that they will make even the most serious chef smile.

1. Pasta spoon in the shape of a dinosaur

2. Snow globes for salt and pepper

3. Fork for corn in the form of Triceratops

4. Muffin mold in the shape of jeans

5. Monkeys that hold your buckets

6. Darth Vader Toaster

7. Pizza cutter

8. Voodoo doll sticks stand

9. Guitar-shaped ice cube

10. Egg moulder on sport balls

11. Tea infuser robot

12. Crocodile bottle opener

13. Bicycle shaped pizza cutter

14. Pencil sharpener for carrots

15. Fish separator of yolks

16. Skull support for cooked eggs

17. Pelican can opener

18. Soup spoon of the Loch Ness Monster

19. Silicone cap in boat shape

20. Kneading roll with prints

21. Kitchen gloves in the shape of bear claws

22. Support for spartan-shaped knives

23. Shark-shaped tea infuser

24. Kitchen set that simulates a sauce stain

25. Mold for cubes in the form of a brain

26. Quintuple scissors for herbs

27. Salt and pepper shaker in the form of a magic wand

28. Ice tongs with gloves

29. Seal for toast in the shape of a bear

30. Hedgehog cheese grater

31. Bud separator that simulates a mucus

32. Popcorn maker

33. Sharpening knife sharpener

34. Condorder in the shape of a unicorn

35. Salsa shark for sushi

Coolest Kitchen Gadgets For Food Lovers (January 2021)