35 Images that are a tribute to extreme laziness; Watch and learn!


When the occasion is given, we have all fallen into the temptation to facilitate our lives at any cost. And it does not matter that you are normally the most dynamic and active person, being lazy is part of human nature and it's not bad, it's just that sometimes it's just much more rewarding to avoid fatigue.

But there are those who take the pleasure to do anything at another level and make laziness more than a lifestyle, an art. These are images of homage to extreme laziness.

1. Why paint them all if only two are seen?

2. It's finally in the trash can, right?

3. That's why they come in plastic bags

4. Defying the purists that are served on a plate

5. Ready the boy

6. Things were done to meet needs

7. Because first is comfort

8. He prefers to avoid fatigue

9. It's a vacation and he knows it

10. Practical solutions

11. They wanted a guard and there they have it

12. The detail is what matters

13. Nobody can blame him for wanting to be comfortable

14. The Christmas spirit to the fullest

15. The important thing is that it fulfills its function

16. The most practical man on earth

17. I was in a bit of a hurry

18. The steps are also for sitting

19. Without words

20. Time to take out the trash

21. In case you get tired

22. In case they are late

23. Home handsfree

24. Someone took rest very seriously

25. The new one I took to walk the dog

26. There is no reason to be uncomfortable

27. Magistral

28. Sensei

29. Simply lit

30. Guru

31. The high

32. Of those times you remember that you have not cleaned the freezer in years

33. The point is to see well at night

34. Who needs an attic when he has a balcony?

35. Sometimes looking for a drink is losing valuable time

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