34 signs that your FIESTA life has reached its END


Everything that starts has to end. And party nights come with an expiration date. After countless drinks from bar to bar, foot ache from the ridiculous high heels, and a terrible organization of priorities, you have reached the point of your life in which you prefer to enjoy a relaxed playlist of Sam Smith and a glass of wine.

You can no longer ignore the signs that that time is coming to an end, but that does not mean that you will stop enjoying life. Welcome to the club! Know the signs that your party life is ending.

1. Lately they have not tagged you in Facebook photos

2. You feel funny when you wear a dress that is too short

3. You only go out when there is a birthday, or it is a special occasion. Not only because it's Friday.

4. It bothers you that you do not remember anything the next day

5. When you go to a dive you ask yourself: Where the hell did so many people come from?

6. You think that dancing as if nobody saw you is not so much fun

7. You have given up on walking in high heels, and this does not bother you as much as before

8. You are more productive during weekends

9. It's been more than three months and you have not lost your cell phone

10. You just want to go to places where you can wear your pajamas

11. You get drunk with two drinks! Did you think that one day could happen?

12. Do not consider wearing a coat because you know you will not stay long

13. When people ask you if you smoke, you answer with a no, instead of only when I'm drunk

14. Your musical taste has improved

15. You can not afford to lose your wallet

16. The idea of ​​waking up in a stranger's bed no longer excites you. It scares you!

17. You say things like: I can not go out tonight. I have to recover my sleep hours

18. It is no longer necessary to participate in games whose purpose is to drink to death. You know that a bottle of wine is enough to have a good time.

19. You have started to go home more and spend time with your parents

20. You've stopped living like a vampire

21. You talk about more formal topics, not about what you should do or take the weekend

22. The only man you expect is the pizza delivery man

23. The price of drinks is something that really starts to worry you

24. When you have visitors, you have to go out and buy alcohol. You no longer have the constant supply you had in your refrigerator before.

25. Going home unconscious is not fun anymore, it's exhausting!

26. You do not even consider leaving after 10 pm if the next day you work

27. You have replaced buying cute party dresses with appropriate pants to go to work

28. You do not know the new fashion clubs, but you do not really care.

29. You've started buying more comfortable shoes

30. Buying plastic cups when you go to the supermarket is no longer important to you.

31. At last you have realized that you will not find the man of your dreams in these places.

32. You have time to wash your clothes

33. You can remember what the bar is like inside

34. You are reading this post, and thinking: Damn, that's me!

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