33 Reasons why you will ALWAYS be my best friend


For all those times in which we have been complicit in laughter, secrets and adventures that have made us the best friends, here are 33 reasons that show that our connection can last until old age. Thank you for showing me that we can be together despite the adversities.

1. You know how to listen to me

It sounds like a simple task, but very few people are as attentive as you are. You sit beside me while I speak, you pay attention and wait until I finish to answer. Sometimes you do not even need to answer me, your attention is all I need.

2. You let me express myself and tell me when I'm obsessed

You are an incredible listener, but you have limits when my thoughts are out of control. Let me know when I'm over-analyzing something, so I can solve it in a healthy way.

3. I entrust my deepest secrets to you and you entrust yours to me

You know everything shameful that has happened to me, and I know every strange thing about you. I have never regretted telling you something, because you will take it to the grave. We will never transmit the dirty rags of each one, no matter what happens, our story is deeper.

4. If I have to call you at 3 a.m., you will answer me

If I can not contact you, I can leave you a voice message and I know you'll call me as soon as you wake up. If he sent you text messages after midnight, I know it's going to be fun and it will not bother you.

5. We can make fun of each other and never get offended

You always laugh at my ability to climb stairs without panting, my disastrous attempts to comb my hair and the tendency to wear socks of different colors. But it's great because I'll always make fun of your love for One Direction.

6. We help each other work on parts of our personality that we want to change

You remind me that, often, I apologize unnecessarily and that I need to be more secure; I should stop feeling guilty about things I can not control, and I remind you not to be so hard on yourself.

7. You will always cover my back

If someone is talking bad about me, you will be there to defend me.

8. You take my funny side

We can talk to each other with strange accents for hours, have spontaneous dance sessions and take the most ridiculous pictures to laugh at.

9. You lend me your clothes without hesitation

You still let me use your pants, even though I ruined some of the most beautiful ones.

10. Support my relationships

You can think that he is not right for me, that we are odd, you can even tell me that I can find someone better, but as long as he treats me well and is a good person, you are happy that I am happy.

11. You let me sleep in your bed when I did not want to sleep alone

Even though I usually grunt and rummage through the sheets. (Sorry!)

12. I'm never afraid to be honest with you and you're not afraid to be honest either, even if the truth hurts.

If you think that a boy is not crazy about me, you will not tell me hundreds of what would happen if to temporarily make me feel better. Telling the truth is much more useful anyway. We are too united to sweeten our opinions.

13. You know exactly how to cheer me up when I feel sad

You will tell me something funny, you will suggest that we watch a movie or you will take me to an incredible cafeteria. You comfort me if I want, or give me my space if I want to be alone. Somehow you always know what to do and I am eternally grateful for that.

14. You can get away from the most serious bad mood

I do not know how you do it, but you're always radiating happiness, and you never stop making me feel better.

15. You have seen me at my worst moment and you still love me

When they broke my heart, it was a terrible moment. I was not myself. Fortunately, you recognize that and you gave me time to heal.

16. You are an excellent judge when it comes to romantic interests

You have a great ability to read people, and you can always tell me who are worthwhile

17. We can spend time together and never get bored

We could see each other every day, and each time it would be like a new adventure.

18. When we see each other after a long time, it is as if we had never separated

Although we are living in different places and we do not have many possibilities to keep in touch, when we see each other again, it feels as if we have never left.

19. Somehow our old jokes are still funny

I bet we'll keep saying them until we're grandmas.

20. When you are in a relationship, I still see you all the time

You're not one of those friends who disappear when they have a partner. We still meet to go to drink, dine, etc. Usually, your partner also becomes a great friend, so the three of us can have a good time.

21. You get distracted from your earrings to help me when I need it

I, too, will always do the same for you.

22. You always give me your most sincere advice

You never give me vague expressions, like: everything will be fixed. Instead, you tell me: I think if you do this, it will turn out that way

23. You worry about my family

And your family is also really important to me.

24. It seems you know what is good for me more than me

Clothes, makeup, appointments, my profession

25. We are not jealous in our friendship

We are happy with each other and we always celebrate our successes.

26. Sometimes all we need is eye contact to communicate

I just have to take a look and you'll know exactly what I'm thinking. This is especially useful when we are with a group of people and we can not openly express our opinion.

27. You can often feel what I'm feeling, even when I do not express it directly

Like the magic of our eye contact, sometimes you can read my emotions by the way I'm sitting on the couch.

28. You are the best cupid

When I'm talking to someone, you know exactly when to come in and help me break the ice, and when to walk away to let us talk alone.

29. I trust your instincts sometimes more than mine

Usually, I ask you what to do before making a decision, because you have shown me innumerable times that your instinct speaks for itself.

30. Rarely do we fight

And if we do we apologize, learn and move forward. I can not even imagine being quarreled with you for more than a day. I would only feel strange and sad.

31. You think I deserve the best, and I think you deserve the best

We recognize the hard work of the other and we know that we are worthy of what we want, be it in our work, our relationships, our families, and so many aspirations!

32. Preparing together to go out is fun

And we do it 99% of time. We tried a million different dresses, listened to music and prepared different homemade cocktails to finally leave.

33. After a break you'll watch TV with me while we eat chips

We know that this is a big cliché, but you do not worry because you love me so much!

Billie Eilish - bury a friend (January 2021)