32 totally guilty pets who swear that it is NOT what it seems


Your pet is able to find any object with which he can play. Knowing that he has moments of fun is adorable, until he begins to destroy everything in his path.

The funniest thing is to see their faces when they are found with their hands in the dough.

1. It has the perfect temperature

2. Red lipstick? No, I have not seen any

3. I'm very hot!

4. I wanted to tell him how much I love him

5. We were just going for a walk, right cowboy?

6. This is where you hide the croquettes, right?

7. Someone has to support the family, right?

8. I do not know what you're talking about

9. I wanted to help you!

10. I learned a new trick Magic!

11. I did not touch it!

12. I could not resist it!

13. I was choosing your outfit for today

14. I can explain everything

15. I just wanted some ice cream, but I'll leave it for later

16. If I only liked to read

17. Would you help me down, please?

18. I'm ready, are we going?

19. Before you start scolding me, in my defense I can say that I love you very much

20. It's just flour, I did not go near the cat's sand

21 I just wanted to help him, he was drowning!

22. We are getting to know each other

23. UPS!

24. You arrived a little early today

25. We get along very well, I swear

26. What a mess!

27. I swear I was not going to take your wallet

28. Excuse me, I'll leave it in its place and I'll go very slowly

29. Seriously, it's not what it seems

30. I love feeling its softness on my skin

31. I wanted to help you with the garden soil

32. Can I pass? I'm truly sorry

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