32 Avengers Posters: Endgame that reveal all the heroes fallen in battle with Thanos


Less than a month before its release and as a preview for its fans, Marvel revealed 32 official posters of Avengers: Endgame, in which our favorite superheroes appear. But it's not just about them, there are also secondary characters that have become important in the MCU.

Half of the posters are in color and correspond to the characters that survived Thanos' crack; while those who are in black and white see those who did not.

This could be the spoiler largest in Marvel

Each poster has the phrase Avenge the fallen (Avenge the fallen), referring to all the disappeared. The most important thing is that we confirm that some characters are still alive:

  • Valkyrie, whose fate was in doubt from Thor: Ragnarok
  • Wong, inseparable companion of Dr. Strange
  • Happy, the best bodyguard and friend of Tony Stark

The unfortunate thing is that we discovered that Shuri, sister of Black Panther, also died with the snap of Thanos in Infinity War, so we will not see a joint work of it with Iron-Man, something that many fans wanted.

The survivors

1. Iron Man

2. Pepper Potts

3. Hawkeye

4. Thor

5. Black Widow

6. Captain Marvel

7. Happy Hogan

8. Okoye

9. Captain America

10. War Machine

11. Rocket Raccoon

12. Wong

13. Hulk

14. Ant-Man

15. Valkyrie

16. Nebula

Fallen heroes

1. Star-Lord / Peter Quill

2. Falcon

3. Dr. Strange

4. Scarlet Witch

5. Nick Fury

6. Drax

7. Shuri

8. Vision

9. Winter Soldier

10. Gamora

11. Loki

12. The Wasp

13. Groot

14. Black Panther

15. Mantis

16. Spider-Man

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