32 Amazing things about HAVING a sister


Anyone who has a sister will know that life gave her one of the greatest gifts. Not only will you have an accomplice and best friend, but she will always be with you and share the greatest experiences of life.

Even though you sometimes feel that it drives you crazy, here are 32 great reasons why having a sister is the best thing in the world.

1. She knows when you're kidding

2. When you can not decide what to wear, she can help you choose the best outfit

3. You know all the ridiculous stories that have happened to him and that he would not tell ANYONE except you, of course

4. It's your party companion

5. She knows everything that has happened to you, the good, the bad and the ugly. Still, he will never judge you for it

6. When you get married, you know you will not have to look for a perfect bridesmaid

7. She had to wear along with you horrible similar outfits when they were girls

8. She is the only one who has seen you in your most uncomfortable moments

9. They know what it feels like to have a complicated last name

10. It will always tell you when you look horrible and when you look beautiful

11. Your sister gives you the best hugs

12. When you're in trouble it's the first one you call

13. Do not criticize your television habits (maybe even share them)

14. If it is about loving advice or existential doubts, you will always have her to support you

15. He is the perfect person to investigate the boy you like

16. Your sister is your other self

17. You do not have to explain about your crazy family: she has lived with you

18. She is the only person with whom you can have a great fight and still love her

19. He is the one who understands you best

20. By having a sister you know that they can remain friends in old age

21. Only she knows with what joke to make you smile

22. Your sister will want the best for you, from the heart

23. Your wardrobe is many times your wardrobe

24. The greatest will be the example to follow of the smallest

25. With her you can count on throwing yourself on the couch and watching movies

26. Did we already say that both know their shameful secrets since they were little?

27. It's your best joke partner

28. Your soul mate from end to end

29. Because nobody knows your true self as she does

30. Your sister is your best source of love, encouragement and honesty

31. You know that one day they will have children and that both may be like a second mother to them

32. Whatever happens in life, their hearts are connected

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