30 unforgettable memories that ALL girls of the 90s will understand


Sigh while you remember these things that marked the time of your adolescence: the unforgettable 90. Let someone invent a time machine! I want to relive everything!

1. You knew all the choreographies of the Spice Girls

Especially if you listened to Wannabe. At that moment you became completely crazy!

2. The best time of day: Start session of MSN Messenger

You had fun sending buzzes to despair others.

3. You used these big and noisy pants

4. You had a Tamagotchi that he always died slowly

5. You used these cool backpacks

6. You wrote better in your notebooks if you used one of these

7. You had this amazing phone


With those who spent hours and hours talking with your best friend.

8. Your favorite accessory for hair:

You also used them as bracelets thanks to Fey imposed that fashion.

9. Your favorite chair was this:

10. You had one of these for hair:

11. But you loved using many butterflies

12. You did not decide between Backstreet boys or Nsync

But never for both of us, although we all loved Nick Carter of the Backstreet boys.

13. This was your first cell

14. In your closet you had a pair of sandals jellies

15. You wanted to have a piercing in the belly button

16. You had many handmade bracelets

17. And of course you used colored lenses

18. We can not forget these rings that changed color according to your mood

20. Fey was a fashion icon

21. Your hair smelled delicious thanks to this shampoo and conditioner duo

22. This magazine was your bible

23. Here you listened to your favorite CDs even though the batteries ran out fast

24. Do you remember the sweet taste that your lips had thanks to these lipsticks of fruits?

25. In the summer you always put on a hippie braid

And it was torture to take her away to go to school.

26. You kept your works in one of these, and if it broke you were dead!

27. And of course, you never left home without wearing a choker

28. Your favorite series was undoubtedly Sabrina the teenage witch

29. You had a Baby-Gs watch

30. Good music still played on this channel

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