30 Types of TATTOO that look amazing in men


The tastes in each person are very different and we women love to have different views on what we find attractive or not in a man. Maybe you prefer an intellectual and well-dressed boy, while other girls have as an ideal handsome man one with a rough look. What is a fact is that there are details that make an ordinary man into an extremely attractive one, and nowadays, for many women, they are tattoos.

A tattoo is a statement of the soul and mind of a person. A man wearing something marked with ink on his skin automatically becomes a mystery that most of us would love to decipher. These tattoos make a man look very, very sexy.

1. Animals in the chest

2. Logo of your favorite superhero

3. Nature (forest)

4 stars

5. Pre-Hispanic tattoos

6. Triangles

7. Anchor

8. Cat

9. Compass

10. Tattoo woman skull

11. Guns

12. Diamonds

13. Geometric figures

14. Lines

15. Watch

16. Cross

17. Birds

18. Butterfly

19. Grecas

20. Watercolor tattoo

21. Bird feathers

22. The name of his girlfriend

23. Religious tattoos

24. Eagle

25. Kiss

26. Phrases or legends

27. Map

28. Roses

29. Hourglass

30. Skulls

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