30 Things you MUST do before reaching the 30s


Many of us fear the arrival of the third decade in our lives because it implies that the time of rebellion has been left behind and maturity is knocking on the door. The opportunity to do silly but funny things, to make mistakes, to fail, to fall in love again and again, is ending. That does not mean we can not do it anymore, only now, before considering launching into adventure, we will have to think about the consequences.

It does not matter if you are about to turn thirty or if you still have some years to go, you will surely enjoy this list of the 30 things that you surely have to do before reaching the dreaded third floor of your life.


Where? That is the least. Travel as much as you can, alone and accompanied, by air and by land, even when you do not have enough money. The important thing is to know, venture and enjoy.

2. Do some extreme sport

Jump on a parachute, jump on a bungee or in paragliding. Do anything that includes heights and adrenaline.

3. Stay up all night dancing

What better to do in a big city with a lot of nightlife.

4. Move to another country

It is an experience that will make you grow.

5. Buy tickets for a festival

Whether it's the Coachella, Bonnaroo, Lollapalooza, Tomorrowland or any other, give yourself the opportunity at least once in your life to attend one.

6. And enjoy it to the fullest

When you attend a concert, let the attendees make you fly.

7. Fall in love

Give yourself the opportunity to fall madly in love, without limits, without thinking, to the bone and surrendering every part of you.

8. Also have a loving break

Of those that make you feel that the world is definitely collapsing.

9. Experiment with your hair

Dare to paint your hair in some unexpected and extravagant color, or whatever you think to change look.

10. Read

For your own pleasure. Read classic literature, books that talk about a topic that you like or that interests you.

11. Attend a karaoke bar

It's not just about attending but you dare to sing and do a show, even when you suffer from stage fright.

12. Get a tattoo

It does not matter if it's something small, get a tattoo that has a meaning for you.

13. Learn to speak a new language

You will know that challenges can be exciting, and very likely in the future you will appreciate it.

14. Have a lot of sex

It's better now that you still have time and energy.

15. Have a party in your house

If you still live with your parents, dare to have a party without permission for which you know they will give you the punishment of your life.

16. Do scuba diving or snorkeling

It is an experience that you will remember all your life.

17. Take classes of something you always wanted to do

Fulfill the dream of attending the class you always wanted to take, or when you were a girl you swore that it would be your profession as an adult.

18. Finish a professional career

Or even a graduate degree. And nothing that you still lack the thesis.

19. Beat your fears

Conquer your deepest fears (they do not have to be a phobia).

20. Attend an important sporting event

A soccer world cup, the Super Bowl or any other as long as you are a fan determined to enjoy it.

21. Earn your first check and spend it

Have the satisfaction of having earned your first salary and buy what you like the most.

22. Escape from your house

If you still live with your parents and they did not let you go to that party you were waiting for so long, jump out your window and let the fun begin!

23. Have the work of your dreams

Get a job you enjoy (much better if you are well paid).

24. Buy something that is out of your budget

But you know that it is something necessary and that maybe it can last you a lifetime.

25. Live alone

Nothing compares to the experience of being independent and having absolute freedom.

26. Have a summer love

When you go on vacation, give yourself the opportunity to fall in love, it does not matter if it's in another city, another country and even another continent.

27. Learn to cook

At least one delicious dish and haute cuisine can be a dessert, a main dish or some pasta.

28. Find true friendships

They say that in the decade of your twenties is when true friendships are formed. Keep the worthwhile friends by your side throughout life.

29. Feel full with your life

When you reach thirty you must already have experienced great things: you can feel full with the life you have achieved, have control of your emotions and have clear goals.

30. Do not have any remorse

Gif of a woman saying "whatever"

What happened was what had to happen. Keep enjoying your life, that even after 30 you have a thousand things to do.

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