30 reasons why your mom is also your best friend


There is no stronger bond in the world than the love that exists between a mother and a daughter, because it is unconditional and eternal. The relationship between mother and daughter is very beautiful and sometimes complicated.

It usually goes through several stages, like when you are a girl and you do not want to separate yourself from your mother, you try to do activities with her and you admire her so much that you consider her the most beautiful woman in the world.

When you reach adolescence, things change, you know new friendships and you feel more independent. In this stage you tend to hit more with your mom and the discussions become difficult and unbearable. You just want to have fun and she will protect you always does not matter if you do not agree.

However, when you enter the university you start to mature and you understand that your mother only wants you to be a happy woman and that in spite of the strong fights she still loves you in the same way always.

Without a doubt, our mother will always be our best friend and we will tell you why:

1. It is the first person you call to give you good news.

2. She is the first one you call to give her bad news

3. She is the only person with whom you can go shopping

4. She will always make a trip to visit you, no matter how far you are

5. You will never forget your birthday, it will be the first to call you or wake up to wish you a happy birthday

6. It is the most honest when something does not look good

7. Will tell you when you are being very spoiled

8. She will listen to your dramatic stories over and over again

9. It will not judge you when you wear the same clothes 3 days during the week

10. It will always give you good advice, even if it is not what you want to hear

11. She always wants the best for you from the heart

12. It will never hurt you because you are the most important thing in your life

13. She will pay your cell phone bill, even if you have surcharges every month

14. Know what kind of food you like and what you do not.

15. Never be angry with you or keep your courage

16. You will buy things spontaneously just because you know you like them

17. It will be the first to tell you if you are gaining weight, but it will make you see that you are beautiful in any size

18. You will see movies with you even if you are not interested in the plot and you will end up asleep next to you

19. She is the only person you know who will send you messages and call you every day

20. Will be aware of you when you are very drunk and can not go home

21. She is the only one who can show off your successes and feel ashamed for your mistakes, without feeling judged

22. She will leave anything whenever you are sick and will try to spoil you so that you feel better, even if it is just a cold.

23. Will support you in everything and will encourage you to reach all your goals

24. She will always know when you are wrong for some situation, even if you tell her that nothing happens to you

25. She is the only person who knows your most irritating habits and still loves you

26. Every day he tells you that he loves you, even once a day

27. She is the one that shows character and takes out of your house your boyfriend who cheated you, when you do not have the courage to do it

28. He notices when there is only one cookie left and he suddenly tells you that it is full.

29. She will do and give up the impossible just so you can be happy

30. Your mother will be the only person who will be with you when everyone has left.

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