30 Reasons why being a TIA is really the BEST that has happened to you


An aunt is in charge of providing quality time, experiences, loving care and being the confidant of her nephews and nieces from the day they are born and as they grow up. Many women do not have children of their own, but life has rewarded them with having nephews.

Those of us who have the opportunity to receive the title of aunt, know that we are very lucky to have the love of those little beings we call nephews. And we are eternally grateful to his parents, for giving us the opportunity to be.

1. When your nephew is newborn and holds your finger with his little fingers for the first time

The only thing you can do is whisper: I will love you forever.

2. The day we scream out of control: He's walking, he's walking!

3. Hear your sweet voices on the phone

4. The first time you listen to them tell you aunt

You know what they will do with you.

5. When you go to visit them and the children come running to welcome you

You will have a lot of kisses, hugs, things to show and stories to tell.

6. Know that with a kiss or a healthy, healthy you can really make them feel better

7. With each niece or nephew that is born, your heart gets bigger and bigger

8. In your house there are drawings everywhere and the word love is in every work of art

9. When they refer to their family, they always include their aunt

10. You can blame them for everything

11. You have the opportunity to do with them the things you never did when you were a girl

Or things you always did when you were a girl. Either way, it will always be much more fun to do it with them.

12. They have a smile that when directed towards you, is the best of all

13. Develop your creativity at a higher level

14. You will always have kisses and hugs available

15. They make you develop a talent to answer uncomfortable questions

16. You see your childhood reflected through them

17. When you are with them you enjoy them to the fullest because they are not always by your side

18. You have reserved days to be with them

19. The expression of their faces when they open a gift is wonderful

20. They invite you to watch their recitals, competitions, soccer games or any event

They have no idea that it is much more important for you to be there than it is for them.

21. Receiving a gift from you makes your heart want to give you something special

22. They invite you to their super elegant tea parties at home

With a glass of magic water that never ends and Play-Doh cookies.

23. They make you laugh when they say something inappropriate that you secretly taught them

24. Despite not being your own children, it's your family

25. You share so many anecdotes and stories with them that you realize that they have added something incredible to your life

26. Seeing them grow is the most beautiful thing in the world

27. The knowledge and experience that you have achieved in recent years, are very useful for them

They trust you and will always come with you to ask for advice.

28. Over time you will realize that the experience you shared with them has influenced their happiness and well-being

Even more than you knew.

29. They do not have to love you, and yet, they do

30. You are not her mother, and you are not her friend: you are her aunt

The perfect mix!