30 people who made FUN transformations in INSTAGRAM


The power of makeup is not a joke: with it you can achieve great transformations. Most women resort to him every day to achieve a better appearance, but the truth is that times have changed and now men are also starting to use it.

In social networks, especially in Instragram, a tendency has emerged under the hashtag #makeuptransformation and mainly the men (also some women) publish great photos transforming themselves into their favorite stars, characters or anything else that occurs to them in simple steps:

1. Enrique Iglesias

2. Frida Kahlo

3. Kim Kardashian

4. Miley Cyrus

5. A. J. Johnson de (The magical godfatherss)

6. Gollum (The Lord of the rings)

7. Nicki Minaj

8. A tiger

9. E.T.

10. The Rock

11. Michael Jackson

12. Justin Timberlake

13. Loki (Avengers)

14. Russell (UP)

15. Roasted chicken

16. Kanye West

17. The most handsome prisoner in the world

18. Rafiki (The Lion King)

19. Gimli (The Lord of the rings)

20. Thor

21. Snoop Dog

22. Little Bill

23. Mr. Bean

24. Rihanna

25. Brad Pitt

26. MoNique (Precious)

27. Jafar (Aladdin)

28. David Beckham

29. Casamentera (Mulan)

30. In fraganti

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