30 Modern etiquette rules that everyone should know and follow!


Despite what many people seem to believe, the rules of etiquette have never gone out of fashion. Knowing and following them denotes a good education and consideration for others.

They are not a complicated or boring subject, in reality they are very simple tips and they follow a basic logic that is the good personal presentation, the attention and consideration to others and respect.

1. Never visit someone without calling before

2. Do not place the cell phone on the table in a public place, because it can be taken by your companion as a sign of little interest

3. Saying I invite, implies that you will pay the exit

4. When going up the stairs, the man will do it behind the woman and when going down, he will go to the front

5. If you go out with someone and he or she greets someone you do not know, you should do the same

6. A man should not sit down to eat with hat or cap on

7. Man should not carry a woman's bag or coat

8. When the salt is passed or any object that is on the table, it is not delivered in the hand

9. Footwear should always be clean

10. Good breath, well-groomed hair and nails and a good smell is essential at all times

11. When walking, the man should always go to the outside of the sidewalk

12. Topics such as material goods, age, family problems, relationships, gifts and medical conditions, it is better to treat them in private

13. If you are offended in public, it is best not to answer

14. In the cinema, theater or concert, the man must pass first to make room for the woman and pass between the seats facing those who are seated

15. Use perfume in moderation

16. When you enter a place, say hello first

17. Important topics are spoken in person, not by phone

18. Do not chew gum in public

19. Drive carefully during rainy days; it's a total lack of respect to wet passers-by

20. If someone comes to you with a hey, do not react

21. Do not touch another person without their consent, or get too close during the conversation

22. Smoking in the presence of other people is only allowed if they or they agree

23. Sobriety is elegance. Try not to use more than three accessories at the same time

24. An educated man will always respect the woman, and vice versa

25. Never read correspondence or messages that are not addressed to you

26. Do not overdo fashion; It is preferable that you look good in your own style than following the latest trend and that it does not favor you

27. Whenever necessary, offer an apology. Once you apologize, do not return to the subject and try not to make the same mistake later

28. Also remember to be grateful to your relatives, friends and close people when they have a good detail with you

29. Always answer the phone in a good way

30. Laughing loudly or talking loudly is very uncomfortable for others

The 15 Main Rules of Modern Etiquette (January 2021)