30 minutes of anger per day improve your health: study


If thanks to your strong character you have been told that you should be more cheerful and that your life would be easier if you did not get so angry, what do you think? They are wrong!

The National Autonomous University of Mexico carried out the study that all the girls of short wick We needed and found that getting angry half an hour a day is beneficial for health.

Who would have thought that being angry would have its advantages?

When you anger your heart rate and breathing increase, which strengthens the heart and oxygenates the brain. As if this were not enough, the body produces more dopamine, a hormone that helps you stay motivated, attentive and receptive to solve problems.

Contrary to what many may think, your mental health also benefits from anger, since it works as an escape valve (yes, like the pots) to release the pressure accumulated during the day.

eye! Everything with measure

Before you celebrate with a start of anger remember that everything in excess is bad, and only a daily dose of 30 or 40 minutes is recommended. Exceeding that time can have an opposite and even pathological effect that will not only damage your physical and mental health, but will alienate the people you love.

Moreover, who gets angry does not lose kilos! One study confirmed that bad-tempered people gain weight faster than those who live relaxed because they generate more cortisol, a hormone that is responsible for regulating the blood glucose level to have more energy.

That said, Waters, I'm going to be very healthy!