30 Lovely little dogs that know how to wear their disguise


Those who love dogs know that there is nothing better than these furry four-legged beings except one of these little animals wearing a disguise! This does make them the most beautiful and irresistible things in the world.

Surely when you see the following dogs with funny costumes you want to have them aside to squeeze them for being so tender.

1. Perry Potter

2. Is that a corgi? No, it's a lobster!

3. Habemus perrum

4. Dr. Spock dog

5. Hannibal Lecter

6. We want Halloween!

7. Long live Mexico!

8. Perrothy's The Wizard of Oz

9. King Perrón

10. In the style of Michael Jackson

11. The collection of Star Wars

12. Hulk

13. Marilyn Monroe

14. -I'm sure what I look terrible?

15. Super

16. ¿Up Your tall adventure?

17. Wrecking Ball

18. Captain America of the dogs

19. Cochi-dog

20. A fearsome three-headed dog

21. The little mermaid, overweight

22. -Want a Kiss?

23. Batman and Robin

24. Sausage Rex

25. Nemo

26. Dog-banana

27. Frankie, the machinist dog

28. Grandma, why do you have that big mouth?

29. Wow! A pug, next to a pug disguised as a pug, and on Halloween!

30. Where was the lucky one?

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