30 Fabulous cakes that are causing sensation on Instagram; it would be a crime to eat them


Something that we love girls are cakes, some are very simple and you can find them anywhere and others are as impressive as the pastry making Kalabasa in Moscow, Russia.

The style is called Brushstroke which means brushstroke: the cakes are decorated with pieces of chocolate in the form of brushstrokes, strawberries and sometimes flowers; You can find designs of all colors and for different occasions.

1. This is just one of the many pieces of chocolate that each cake carries

2. You can find them with strawberries, raspberries and blueberries

3. With natural flowers

4. With glitter

5. Or with marine motifs

6. The perfect choice for a wedding

7. Or for a very colorful birthday

8. One in peach tones

9. Or with exciting reds

10. Blue and turquoise

11. Jumping up to the pink ones

12. They also make cupcakes

13. And elegant combinations with blue and red

14. And chocolate could not be absent

15. The spectacular golds

16. How about this one with violets and turquoise?

17. One of strawberries seen from above

18. With brush strokes of blue

19. Combinations pastel pink, blue and green

20. Autumn colors

21. Like the flag of Mexico or Italy

22. How about a green one

23. Or in contrasting colors

24. They can be multi-level

25. Or with one piece

26. They look like flowers seen from above

27. A funny little pancake

28. For a single person

29. Or for the whole party

30. So they look from various angles

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