30 details that every girl deserves to receive in a relationship


The perfect man does not exist, but there are many details that Prince Charming can try to make you feel happy and spoiled; Many are small and can even consider them insignificant but like any good woman, you pay a lot of attention in the least and that is what you remember or treasure the most in a relationship.

That he tells you that he loves you, that he caresses you or that he stays stoic by your side on an afternoon of shopping, says a lot about him and what he wants for the relationship; Check other things you can do and what you deserve.

1. That you want to spend a weekend night with you at home and not partying in a bar.
2. I buy tampons or sanitary towels even when I feel sorry.
3. Allow you with a breakfast in bed.
4. Accompany you to watch your favorite series and do your best to understand it.
5. You can anticipate what you are going to ask for in an outing to dinner.

6. Give you the last spoonful of dessert.
7. Help you clean the house because it knows it's important to you.
8. Give you good morning with morning sex.
9. Understand that you are too tired to have sex and just caress you to sleep.
10. Love your dog, cat, pet, favorite pillow, stuffed animal or lucky blanket, as much as you love them.

11. Know what gives you pleasure in bed.
12. It motivates you and accompanies you to find a healthier version of you.
13. It does not make you feel guilty for eating the last slice of pizza or the last bite of hamburger.
14. Feel happy and proud to be the person next to you.
15. That you can watch a romantic movie from beginning to end without complaining.

16. When you feel sick, take care of you and buy your medicine.
17. A man who asks before changing the television channel.
18. He who knows exactly what you would like to do on your birthday and cares to surprise you.
19. Tell you how beautiful you look in the morning.
20. Have good manners, even after years of courtship.

21. Be happy about your achievements and do not feel less for them.
22. Love your little mole, your crooked tooth, freckles on your face or stretch marks on your abdomen.
23. Tell you I love you and give you a tender kiss.
24. Help you with your bag when your hands are busy.
25. Let him shake your hand when they walk down the street.

26. Surprise you with a flower, a dessert or a detail on any given day.
27. That I love you for who you are and do not try to change you.
28. Support you in good times and bad times.
29. To consider your family as their own and treat them with respect.
30. And that encourages you to be yourself.

A Relationship with 40 Identities (Lovers with Dissociative Identity Disorder) (September 2020)