30 cell phone cases that every woman should have


Surely on more than one occasion you have seen many people with the typical and boring black cases for their smartphone Maybe you've even used them, believing that the mobile world had nothing better to offer.

But this does not have to be that way, now there are countless covers for your cell phone, some can even be considered works of art, others are an intelligent joke and very funny, but, whatever they are, you will surely love them! Leave behind the conventional and give a unique and fun touch to your mobile phone.

1. Telephone Vintage

2. Ear simulation

3. With legs, ideal for cat lovers

4. And this too, a furry cat Aww!

5. Gatubela

6. Labyrinth so your headphones do not get tangled

7. Ice cream palette, I want to eat it!

8. Volkswagen Classic

9. Personal defense, ideal for women

10. Old camera

11. A boxer, also serves for self defense

12. With a mirror, I need it now!

13. Dishes with food, perfect for a chef

14. For those who saw my neighbor totoro

15. There are also 3D

16. Magic blackboard, I always wanted one when I was a girl!

17. Cassette, for all noventeras

18. A watermelon

19. Or this, mmm it seems to me!

20. A blue whale

21. A very funny wine glass

22. Some Jeans for your cell phone

23. High Five, excellent for girlfriends

24. You make me Ha-Ha-Happy

25. Nutella, I demand one of these!

26. Sweets

27. Unicorns

28. A fairy tale mirror

29. Pink lips

30. Sushi Delicious!