30 Awesome gifts that will make crazy lovers of BOOKS


Reading a book is undoubtedly a very pleasant habit, besides that it can become one of the greatest pleasures, since through reading we can fantasize with thousands of stories and create worlds in which we lose ourselves through words.

Of course, the dream will be present for those who consider this great habit an effort and try to concentrate too much on reading, but we would all be motivated by one of these novel products as a gift.

1. Pixar lamp book separator

2. Separator blood stain, for those mystery or fantastic books

3. If you do not remember where you stayed, this little finger separator will help you to know

4. With this USB, you can take your electronic library anywhere

5. Box of handkerchiefs in the form of a book that will accompany you if there is a drama in the story

6. Cushioned holder to read comfortably

7. And for travel, this support also works as a pillow

8. If your thing is to read in the tub and enjoy a drink, this is perfect

9. For the readers of heart, a charger in the form of a classic

10. On a cold afternoon, you'll like this scarf printed with pages from a book

11. Start the morning with a delicious coffee that reminds you of your favorite book, or that you are very sexy

Go crazy as you want, but do not give up is a phrase of the English writer Jane Austen, taken from her novel Love and friendship.

Reading is sexy

12. Bra to keep the book open without problem

13. Candle with the smell of an old book!

14. For those of us who take a writer inside

15. If you enjoy reading at night, this lamp is ideal for you

16. Your bookseller is also an excellent option to illuminate the space

17. An elegant way to mark our books with our name

18. Although time never ends when we read, it is always good to know the time

19. Bag clutch in the form of a book, unique design for a special celebrity

20. Because books are not fought with technology, this cell phone case

21. Laptop sleeve in the shape of an old book

22. The best bookshelf you can have on your head

23. Brush to keep your specimens free of dust

24. For that night when we want to cry because one of the characters dies

25. Or where we want to continue dreaming of the letters

26. A delicate and eloquent saying

I read when it's time for bedtime

27. How about a cover so as not to dirty our books?

28. Another necklace that refers to books

29. A great bookseller that we can change location without problem

Or only original

and motivator

30. Separators bite-books that you can do yourself