30 Angry cats that demand to be taken seriously


Throughout history, the cat has come to be considered a god in various parts of the world, including, in ancient Egypt, in situations of danger, cats were first saved rather than humans. And apparently, they know it. According to their humor, they can be the most docile and tender animals, but other times, they can become your worst enemies; They are temperamental and very expressive.

According to a study by Dr. John Bradshaw, a biologist at the University of Bristol, cats see humans as their slaves and only when they feel like it, they accept that one approaches, otherwise it is a guaranteed annoyance. Check out the gallery of the funniest and most angry felines, enjoy them But save your distance.

1. This will not stay like this

2. Will you feed me or take pictures?

3. What do you see?

4. We need to talk

5. I do not like you

6. Who does this seem funny? Not me!

7. Listen: you do not know anything

8. What do you want now?

9. Do not touch me! Insignificant creature

10. Why did you move my place dish ?!

11. I do not feel affection for you, understand it

12. I'm not interested in you loving me, do not touch me!

13. On a scale of 0 to 10, I support you a -10

14. This is what I think of your existence

15. See what time do you take them from me?

16. I do not like you either, look!

17. Again your camera? You will never learn

18. There will be revenge, fear me very afraid

19. Am I supposed to smile?

20. Maybe you do not know, but tonight I'll make a mischief

21. For the thousandth time, I do not like you!

22. Pay attention, I want fish, not croquettes!

23. Do I have a joke face or what?

24. It bothers me that you exist, and

25. I am meditating in my box, could you leave me alone?

26. If you're going to make me wait, I hope you have a good excuse

27. Dah! I'm not interested in your opinion

28. If you are going to take a picture, I hope it is good, not like the rest

29. Is this all you brought? I expected more from you

30. I hope you understand that I was asleep and I do not like being disturbed

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