3-year-old girl imitates strong women and learns to be brave with her example


When a difficult situation becomes present in the life of a family, support is essential. Since the grandmother of this little girl of only three years named Scout was diagnosed with cancer, her mother took it upon herself to remind her that women are great warriors.

When her grandmother's hair began to fall, Scout was very worried, that's why her mother, Ashley Larson, created a project to keep her mind occupied during the most difficult part of the illness. She planned to make a book where the little girl would imitate women who have overcome different adversities. The book would incorporate their favorite Disney heroines and the celebrities who have given the world a great lesson in courage.

Her grandmother has taught her that a woman can be whatever she wants

Nonnie, as she calls her grandmother of affection, was diagnosed with breast cancer in April 2016. From that moment, she had to undergo 6 intense rounds of chemotherapy that made her lose her hair. After he had regained some strength, they found a new stone on the road: Nonnie required a double mastectomy.

Malala Yousafzai has taught her how to fight

Malala is known for her activism in favor of women's rights in Pakistan, where the Taliban regime has banned girls from attending school. On the afternoon of October 9, 2012, Malala boarded the school bus, but an armed man also got on and after asking about her, he shot her three times. In 2014, Malala, just 17 years old, received the Nobel Peace Prize.

Adele teaches her that music makes her strong

Adele expresses in her lyrics the feelings she has regarding a love that did not work. After leaving a stormy relationship that made her feel unhappy, Adele began writing the songs for her album 21, which allowed her to win six Grammy awards and sell more than 20 million copies around the world.

Frida Kahlo gives her the great lesson of knowing herself

At age 18 Frida Kahlo suffered an accident that forced her to spend a long time in bed so she invested the time learning to paint. After overcoming some serious health crisis, Frida became a brave woman who knew herself and who did not let herself be defeated by anyone or anything.

Emma Watson teaches that raising your voice is a great way to fight for equality

Emma has become the spokesperson for the movement HeforShe. Before the assembly of the United Nations and as a goodwill ambassador for UN Women, Emma gave an emotional speech in which she defended the political, economic and social equality of the sexes and where she called for men and women they will fight for their freedom.

Selena Gomez teaches that no disease should beat her

In October 2015, the 24-year-old American singer revealed that she suffered from lupus, a disease that causes her to have attacks of anxiety, panic and depression. However, he did not let this end his career and continued on stage, proving that no illness should beat you.

Millie Bobby Brown as Eleven it shows you that a friendship is forever

Although Eleven He had suffered too much in the past, when he met Mike, Dustin, and Lucas, used his psychokinetic powers to find Will. Since then she has learned the true meaning of friendship.

Moana has taught him that he must face his fears

Moana steeled herself and lived an adventure across the ocean just to save her people. Being a princess did not stop her, on the contrary, it gave her the necessary tools to face her fears.

Nonnie is the greatest warrior that Scout has known

Asheley Larson shared this tender message in the publication she made on the site Bored Panda. In it he expresses the lesson he wants his daughter to learn:

This project has taught me that women are as strong as any man. And to be honest, I cross my fingers so that my daughter is big enough and she realizes the strong woman she is. I hope that one day when Scout looks at the book again, she will be proud of who she is and what she can achieve.

Now Scout knows that she can be who she wants

Although Scout has represented so many incredible people, her mother always encourages her to become the person she wants to be, because she is an incredible child.

Oh, and if you ask yourself: what happened to Nonnie? She has overcome cancer. Of course, it had to be part of the photos. It is an inspiration for Scout and his greatest heroine.

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