3 Books that Netflix will adapt to the small screen


Netflix found the formula of success and plans to repeat it not once, but three times more.

After Netflix brought books to the screen through movies like The Kissing Booth, To all the guys I fell in love with, Sierra Burgess Is a Loser Y Dumplin, the platform streaming acquired the rights of three more juvenile novels to adapt them as films.

It's about the stories written by Sarah Dessen, and they are a journey of nostalgia and love.

1. A song for you

Remy has never had a formal relationship. When he meets Dexter, his beliefs change and, almost magically, he begins to understand the romantic songs that the lovers whisper in their ears.

2. Once and For All

Louna is a famous wedding organizer, she has witnessed all kinds of marriages and happy endings. But after his first love breaks his heart, he swears not to step on the altar or, at least, that's his idea before he meets Ambrose.

3. Along for The Ride

After the divorce of his parents, Auden decides to spend the summer on the beach with his dad and his new family. There he meets Eli, a girl who will give birth to his life.

So far we only know that Netflix will start with the recording of Along for The Ride, of the actors and locations we still do not have information, but we are sure that it will be a success to which we will be hooked.

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