28 Original ways to INSULT someone without USING or a single rude


They say that two are needed for a fight, so it's best if you're not one of them. Although we know that in the world there are people who are impossible to tolerate and that sometimes, no matter how hard you try, you just can not get along with them, you do not need to shout curses to win a fight.

It's not about spending your time fighting with those annoying people, we just want to teach you to discuss in an intelligent way. There are ingenious, sarcastic and double-entender ways you can use to beat your opponent without being rude.

1. Oh, I already understand This is the reason why people speak badly about you when you're not

2. Have you ever been told that you are an incredibly average person?

3. I swear I love the way you say so obvious things believing you've discovered something

4. Have you ever considered fixing those eyebrows?

5. I say, what adult person acts in this way?

6. Look at that person with impatience and then tell him: Are you finished?

7. I would agree with you, but then we would be the wrong ones

8. You are equal to (insert the name of a person that both know and that she hates)

9. That is not the appropriate response for a person your age

10. Believe me: I have been told worse things and people much better than you

11. You are as dazzling as a black hole, and twice as dense

12. I think you need to be more handsome to be so stupid

13. I do not feel anything for you

(Response to the classic: I feel sorry for you)

14. Have you noticed that people only tolerate you?

15. I do not know what qualities you can have that make up for your attitude

16. I can explain it to you, but I can not understand it for you

17. There are no silly questions, only stupid people

18. You are the best proof that God has a sense of humor

19. Surprising! You're really giving your best!

20. I hope the rest of your day is as pleasant as you

21. I know what others say about you. Now I understand that they are right.

22. You should try to eat some makeup to be nicer inside

23. All the people who once loved you were very wrong

24. You are the reason why there are signs of caution everywhere

25. Sorry but I have better things to waste my time with

26. This is the reason why you have no friends

27. I already understand why you use so much makeup

28. Why do not you go see if it's raining in the corner?

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