27 shirt brooches to match your vibrant personality


Dressing formally does not mean we have to look bored, we can use colors and accessories that represent our vibrant personality.

These 27 brooches for shirts or collar tips They will give a fun touch to any formal attire and will make you stand out in each place you go.

1. Skulls can be very feminine

2. You are the crazy one of the cats

3. Invokes patronus

4. Nothing like the song of birds

5. You are in love with life

6. You will want to wear shirts more often

7. Follow Alice's rabbit

8. A rich ice cream for the heat

9. These succulents will never die in your hands

10. Very much like The silence of the inocents

11. A memory of the sea

12. The essential is invisible to the eyes

13. Hearts for the romantics

14. The moon also comes out during the day

15. Discreet and cute brooches

16. Reflect your love for insects

17. Dung beetles look great

18. The eye that sees everything

19. They say that diamonds are our best friends

20. A small garden in your neck

21. Ponte vintage with a cameo

22. There is life beyond death

23. Catch the snitch golden

24. Small cherry blossoms

25. Did you like to make paper boats as a child?

26. Owls for wisdom

27. They will give you a great style

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