27 Reasons to tell your best friend how much you love her. Right now!


Along the way people enter and leave our lives, but say that those who stay in it are the ones that are really worthwhile. In this mechanics of entering and leaving, there is a person who becomes unconditional, who will always accompany you in good and bad times. It is not part of your family. It is not your partner. It's something much more than that: it's your best friend.

These are the reasons why you should tell him how much you love her:

1. She, like nobody else, listens to your complaints, your doubts and your sorrows

2. He accepts you unconditionally, even when you feel you do not deserve it

3. She is the only person who will be honest with you without you feeling offended, although sometimes it hurts

4. They enjoy talking and talking alike to sit together in silence, nothing else accompanying

5. She is the only person who is happy to go out with you on Friday and Saturday nights. Even a midweek party.

6. With her you never lack topics of conversation

7. In fact, it calls you to tell you gossip and although sometimes it bothers you, it also makes you laugh

8. It encourages you to be the best version of you

9. She supports your dreams and really wants you to fulfill them

10. Even if sometimes you do not want to listen to them, you can tell them all the details of your appointment and she will be interested

11. Never judge you when you decide not to shave your legs for a week

12. You can tell her absolutely everything

13. When they spend time without speaking, they feel as if something is missing

14. You know that she really wants the best for you

Without jealousy or envy. In fact, more than once he has told you he admires you.

15. She knows that a joke will always make you laugh

Even when you are at your worst moment.

16. Even though she motivates you to make healthy choices, she will accompany you to eat pizza without any remorse

17. She calls your mom when she is worried about you

He always has his number in his diary.

18. You've seen how ugly you look when you cry, when you get depressed and do not want to see anyone

And yet it is comprehensive and stays by your side. No reproaches.

19. She is the only girl with whom you borrow clothes

20. When he asks you how are you? , actually I would like to ask you: with whom?

21. They say that life would be much easier if the best friends fell in love

But they know that they are condemned to mourn for some idiots or suffer for their cause.

22. When they have fought, it is the worst

But they can reach an agreement quickly, and that's the best thing.

23. Always go with you to find the coffee you like, and you to her for your weekend cravings

24. Even though she never liked that boy for you, she understands that you are sad and she is with you to comfort you.

25. She is your best and worst influence at times when it is necessary to be bad

26. Once a flatulence was thrown in front of you and it was the funniest thing

27. You still can not believe how lucky you have been to meet her

And you can not imagine life without her.

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