26 Reasons why you should call your mom at least once a day


Your mother is your best friend. Although it sounds like cliché, she has always been there for you in good times and bad, like when I ran to see you when you felt sick, or when she encouraged you to fulfill your dream of being a rocker in a famous band, and when she cried with you because they broke your heart

Without a doubt, she is your biggest fan and will never stop illuminating until the most terrible of days. There is no one as special as Mom.

Having a mother who supports you is the greatest blessing in life. It can be easy to take your love for granted, because you know it is unconditional; that she will always be there for you. However, we must remember that she is also a human being, and has feelings.

It hurts that you left the nest and the only thing that sometimes wants is to hear your voice, even at a distance. Find out about the most insignificant details of your life. That's why these are 26 reasons to call mom every day:

26. She always wants the best for you

It's your mom! No other reason is necessary.

25. She is the only one who listens to you talk about the same thing for 30 minutes

She feeds your ego with all her heart, does not care that everything is only about you.

24. Congratulates you just for getting out of bed

It's a great achievement, and therefore, you're amazing!

23. It never fails to brighten your day

She always knows what to say when you feel terribly wrong with yourself.

22. She made you, so in a way you owe it to her

Your mother took you for nine months inside her belly, and then made an impressive effort to push you out of her body. At least, he deserves a phone call, do not you think?

21. Gives you the best advice

For anyone, it will be difficult to compete with your mother's advice.

20. You have the best of her

Among other things, thank him for inheriting that incredible ass.

19. It tells you things as they are

Sometimes, Mom expresses her love to you in a somewhat harsh way, but only when enough of your self-pity has already been enough.

18. It is always on your side

When you need someone to vent your boss's horrible things, she is automatically on your team.

17. You will feel more connected to her

Especially if your mother lives far away, a phone call is the best way to be close.

16. She can understand when your life is in chaos

When your friends are sick of hearing you talk about how bad your life is going, call mom. She has a PhD in you.

15. You can tell the gossip from your friends

You can not speak ill of your friends with other friends, because you run the risk of being found out, but your mother is a safe: she will keep your secrets very well.

14. And complain about any discomfort

Nobody else wants to hear you talk about how much you hate everything and everyone when you're depressed, or recovering. But mom listens to you.

13. She has been a great friend

She was your first friend, and she will be forever.

12. He will not judge you

You may disagree with some of the decisions in your life (like that tattoo you decided to make on your back), but he loves you too much to judge you.

11. With it you make the list of the supermarket

The best way to make sure you buy at the supermarket and how to wash your clothes, is to call mom first.

10. He knows you better than anyone

She will speak to you with greater perspective than any of your friends.

9. Does not know about text messages but to be present

That's why you can not find meaning in your despondent emoji.

8. It looks like you more than anyone

Well, in itself, you look like her. He shared his genes with you.

7. She is honest with you

She will never need to lie to you.

6. She's been alone since you left home

Now that you've moved, mom has a space in her empty nest. You still need the help and the company that you provided for so many years.

5. She really wants to talk to you

Receiving a phone call from you will be the best of your day. Is there anything that makes you feel more special?

4. Remember that he supported you with part of your savings the last time you were at home

For a long time she was the one who financed your purchases online, so you should show her some appreciation.

3. Mom also needs to talk about girls things

Even if you have a group of friends with whom you can go out and talk, wait for your call to gossip about things you both know.

2. Actually, you never get tired of talking to her

It does not matter if you are 20 or 40 years old, or if you are living the great life: you know that you can always count on your mother, and you will go to her for basically everything.

1. You call her because you love her

There is no more to say.

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