26 Problems that only girls who ARE constantly HUNGRY will understand


Food is one of the great pleasures that exist. There's nothing better than enjoying our super-favorite dishes!

Although being hungry is a serious problem for most people, because it suddenly brings up an inner beast that will make you want to kill anyone who denies you a bit of that which makes you taste yourself. That is why here we leave you 26 situations that only people who live with hunger will understand.

1. Your stomach is like a bottomless pit, so you will never be satisfied

2. You are the people who confuse all kinds of feelings with hunger, very hungry

Normal people have feelings of happiness and sadness, but you only feel hungry, very hungry, all the time.

3. Eating is great, but knowing you'll be hungry again in an hour or two is horrible

4. Hunger + anger = total chaos

5. When you have an appointment, you are more interested in the food than in the person in front of you

6. When you go out with your friends to drink, the only thing you have in mind is to know where they will dine once they leave the bar

7. Your perfect Friday is defined as going to dinner at your favorite restaurant

8. But wait while they bring you the food is a complete and total agony for you

9. Your heart breaks when the waiter approaches with the dishes, but it is to serve them at another table

10. Your worst torture is to see how other people bring their food before and you have to wait

11. But there is something worse than that, and that is when you first order and decide that it is better to serve someone who came after you

12. Once you get your food, there is no way you behave and follow the protocol at the table

13. It bothers you greatly that people waste their time photographing their food, instead of enjoying their meal

14. It also bothers you that people try to talk to you while you are eating.

15. Whenever you go to dinner with your family and friends, they know that your food is first

They care? I'm trying to eat!

16. Some people need a coffee so that their day starts well, while you only need breakfast

17. The time before any meal is basically the longest hour of your existence

18. In fact, it is likely that the food you like more than people

19. Food will never fail you, and about people, you do not know

20. Even if it bothers you a bit, you end up asking someone if they are going to finish their meal or if you can do it for them

21. (Whatever the answer, you'll end up doing it anyway)

22. You will fight to the death for the last piece of pizza!

23. Going to the supermarket is a terrible torture because everything seems to you

24. You will never follow your shopping list: in the end you will leave with many things that you do not need but are rich

25. The amount of food you eat would normally be considered shameful

26. But honestly, that does not worry you too much

When You’re A Girl Who Loves Food (January 2021)