26 Photos of Tom Ellis that will make you say: may the devil take me!


Tom Ellis has an acting career of 19 years, but with his role of Lucifer attracted all eyes towards him. And no wonder, because with his gallantry and deep look has convinced us to sell his soul without hesitation, and even Netflix could not resist because he decided to make a fifth and final season.

In 2018 the magazine People He named him the most handsome man alive in the world and we agreed. So because he deserves it and we deserve it, we prepared a gallery of 26 photographs to delight the pupil.

1. His full name is Thomas Paul Ellis

2. It is 40 years old and well-preserved, by the way

3. He is a native of Wales

4. His dad is a pastor of a Baptist church

5. Still, he decided to become the sexiest devil

6. By which we would all stop going to mass

7. And we would even sell you the soul

8. What a way to sin!

9. His first role was in Kiss me Kate in 2000

10. He was so small that he does not remember the name of his character

11. He also acted in Habia una vez like Robin Hood

12. But he had to leave the series

13. Fox decided to cancel Lucifer after the first season

14. But thanks Netflix for taking it back!

15. Or we would have missed a good eye cue

16. Tom is a homelike man

17. Who likes to sing and play the guitar

18. In fact when he sings in the series it's really him

19. Love animals

20. But we love him more

21. By his side, Clark Kent falls short

22. With a suit it looks spectacular

23. But without him he looks much better!

24. We would not mind burning with him

25. I officially declare a lucifan

26. See you in hell

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