26 Evidence shows that your parents did love you and were more spoiled than you think


They say that during adolescence it is normal to lose the feet of the earth and forget about the things that really matter in your life. Details such as thanks for the education you received, the people you grew up with and even just being grateful for having a healthy and united family. It is certain that when you were a girl you saw your parents as the most brilliant people in the world, a couple of superheroes, and you always dreamed of following in their footsteps.

Maybe after puberty everything has changed, but now that you start to mature it is time to bring the truth to light and make a confrontation with the only reality: YOUR DADS WORSHIPED YOU! You were everything to them and all they wanted was for you to never lack anything. If you do not believe it, read the following 26 points and, if you lived at least 15 of these situations, rest assured that you were the most pampered and spoiled girl on your street.

1. There is at least one album of your photos

And I'm sure you also have a large baby picture hanging in your living room.

2. You had at least one Barbie

And it was one of the most popular collection of Barbies in the 90s.

3. You had consoles and videogames

Even more spoiled if you had the gun Nintendo to kill ducks.

4. Extraconsent, if you had a Game Boy

Admit it.

5. You attended more than one extracurricular activity in the afternoon

It could be art, music, sport, dance

6. At the end of the course and in competitions, your family was there to support you

Maybe even with a banner and pompoms and even shouting your name.

7. At least once, they read you a story before sleeping

Maybe the memory is vague, but make the effort. Did you read something?

8. Sundays did something fun

Even from Saturday, I could start having fun over the weekend. Field days, trips to water parks and amusement parks. If you remember that, you were VERY spoiled.

9. DOUBLE pampered, if you visited Disneyland ever

In that case, your childhood was untouchable; there is no discussion.

10. Every year your family celebrated you with a party on your birthday

And even more spoiled if it was your turn to celebrate it in some fashionable fast food chain, especially where they gave away happy boxes.

11. You had school festivals that your parents always attended

At least one of your parents or relatives was there while you danced clown for him Show of the fourth year.

12. Santa Claus always brought everything you asked him

Or at least he tried with MUCH effort.

15. You used to receive awards for every small or big win

From a good grade, to the fact of visiting the doctor and having behaved well; When you dropped a tooth, they also rewarded you with a ticket.

16. You slept in your parents' bed if you had a nightmare

Or on rainy nights and with thunder.

17. They taught you how to ride a bicycle

On skates or a good swim, at least they taught you to float in the water.

18. You saw more of a Disney and Pixar movie with your parents

They also bought you your favorites on VHS, DVD or Blue Ray.

19. They helped you to cover your notebooks and books

Even more spoiled if you had your own pictures with your full name, group and room.

20. Your school lunch came within one of these

And the beautiful one of your mother took away the borders of your sandwich more than once.

21. They cooked you hot cakes of Mickey Mouse

And you even got bad if you touched the Mickey with crooked ear.

22. They let you invite friends to sleep at your house

They also let you sleep in theirs.

23. Your parents kept all your drawings, diplomas and letters

Everything must be out there in some family memories box.

24. They let you have a pet

Double spoiled if you were allowed to have more than one pet at the same time.

25. They let you eat chips, sweets and chamoy!

Even when you did not deserve them so much.

26. You had a television in your room

Point! You were the most spoiled of your street, admit it.

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